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A couple ponder Aaron Hayes award-winning car art. Hayes mounted the front end of a Jaguar to a desk and included the car's bucket seat for a chair at the San Juan County Fair 

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    A few weeks before the end-of-summer county fair, a friend sent me a photo of the produce she’d harvested from her greenhouse that day. It wasn’t a big harvest. There were three peppers – each a different type – and about 15-20 cherry tomatoes. At first, I thought it was rather pitiful. It’s August, and that’s all she has to show for her work. However, the more I looked at the photo, the more I reevaluated my opinion.

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    How the Red-Legged frog got its name


    It was drizzling outside - the first moisture San Juan Island had seen for some time. The gray countenance that embraced the dawn was a welcome change from an unusually long stretch of clear, dry days. I was eager to go exploring and a mid-July rain promised the possibility of finding red-legged frogs. Little did I know my quest would lead me all the way to the Smithsonian Institute.

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  • Big Waves Are Costly for Fish Trying to Stay Put

     Complex water flows, such as waves and eddies, are common in nature and play an important role in shaping aquatic communities. In shallow marine habitats, waves are ubiquitous disturbances that influence the abundance and distribution of fishes depending on their ability to move in or withstand these physical forces (Liao 2007, Webb et al. 2010).

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    Fold Your Book Pages—For Art! Laurie Orton


    Before you go dog-earing the pages of any library books, let me explain.

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    Avatar_MarkWEarnhart Many of our patients have been asking about krill oil lately, and since I didn’t really know how good or bad it was, I did a little search for information. What I found was really quite revealing. Manufacturers of krill oil have made many claims as to the efficacy of krill oil over fish oil. Here are a few of the claims and what I found.

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  • Pet of the Week: Timmy

    Timmy arrived in Friday Harbor last week via Wings of Rescue, an organization based in California that relies on volunteer pilots to fly dogs from high-kill shelters to rescue organizations and shelters like Friday Harbor Animal Shelter to give them a much-needed second chance.

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