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Avatar_MollyONeilMy "Faircation" is long over, I'm back in the computer world and I've changed! So here is what I've learned again (from the Department of Duh): I need to better balance my computer life with my movement life. How many times will I learn this lesson in my life?

Wow! I really needed time away from computer life. I was starting to read books at work, had a back ache, stiff neck, wrecked body and the scariest: applied for a job that would have been 40 hours per week staring at a computer screen. Xena bit me while I was interviewing for that job.


My work at the Fair took away aches, pains and confusion with tough physical work! Also, I worked with a really great group (Shel, Ethan, Tyler, Carson, Rev, Jen, et. al.). The job was fun! I keep myself in good shape but there's nothing like doing physical work outside all day long. I got in touch with my "Inner Construction Worker," and she is delightful! I think she'll get along fine with my "Inner Computer Nerd."

I ran into my friend Vicki Hebert and told her what I was doing (taking a break from technology) she replied, "Oh, you're defragging at the Fair." So true. Thanks Vicki. My walkie talkie was the most complex piece of technology I had to deal with.

Now that I'm back to the work of Computer Teacher and Gadget Gal, I feel much better! I've decided to change the way I work. I will now pursue part-time physical labor jobs outdoors and computer jobs indoors. Have chainsaw, ax and shovel, will travel. Since I was born and raised in the Convergence Zone (Everett, don't tell anyone) weather won't be a problem.

I'm looking forward to a new level of Serenity. Will you join me?

Quick Look at Email Safety

A quick tip if you're worried about the safety of your email program, some people check their email on the web at their ISP (Internet Service Provider) first. There you can delete any junk and then download it into your computer program (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, etc.). Most servers (Rock Island, Interisland, etc.) have a junk filter on their web mail (Squirrel Mail) so you can train it to block messages you consider junk. I think this is a great way to take out unwanted email at the source, your ISP.

Another solution is to create a second email account at a free email (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, gmx, there are many out there) site so that when you buy something online or have to sign up for
some list you can use the second account and save your main account for your important and personal emailing.

Some websites covering Free Web Email:

From Prem Kumar: Top Email Providers 2011 The-Best-in-Email-The-2011-Readers-Choice-Awards

Editor's Note: My apologies to Molly and readers, this column was ready two weeks after the fair ended and should have been posted much more promptly.


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