Master Gardener Barbara LLoyd

Master gardener Barbara Lloyd

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Most of us have or have had at one time "House Plants". Some we actually bought, some were gifts, some were inherited and some even rescued. Or my favorite - you walk into your office one morning and there is this large, green, thing lurking on your desk and no one in the office will admit to putting it there.



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About Barbara Lloyd - Master Gardener


Barbara has been  a Master Gardener since 1998. Mary Zeretzke sparked her interest in the program and she started in in 1998 while  living on Lopez Island and continued when she moved to Skagit County.

She lived on Lopez for about 15 years while working  at the county Health Department with Joanne Campbell. Long-time islanders most likely remember her dad Ken Lloyd who lived on the island beginning back in the late 60s. He was quite a character.

If you have questions or comments, Barbara can be reached at  [email protected]

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