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Well. First things first: we have a Full Moon on Monday in Leo, and the Chinese New Year of the Water Snake has kicked off. There seems to be water everywhere due to this Pisces stellium and by midweek Venus will move into Pisces, making it six, yes SIX heavenly bodies in one sign.

This will be an intense week on the world stage and it will be like a water balloon being dropped. Individually, our attention is rapt as this stellium brings out things we haven’t been paying attention to and throws them into focus in such a way that we make a conscious choice to act or not to act.

This is a time when our thoughts may move toward giving up or giving in, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing because then our focus shifts as we let go. On the other hand, if there is something we’ve been neglecting (including ourselves), it’s making itself known in an in-your-face manner. This goes for both individuals and the collective.

This week is so full of chaotic and contradictory aspects on a daily basis that I urge you to use extra caution when driving, flying, walking, breathing, speaking, etc. This is a week that will demand that we increase our awareness of what’s going on around us inasmuch as keeping us safe from an unexpected injury or event that could have been prevented.

When walking, look down. When standing, look up. It’s not all bad or anything to be afraid of and the precautions I gave are for a “normal” mindset. But my readers are anything but normal.

So now we get to the good stuff: Pisces is the single most creative sign in the zodiac. While we are under the influence of retrograde Mercury, let’s pull out some old stuff (physical stuff, emotional stuff, imaginary stuff) and see how we can reshape it. Everything is malleable right now, so the impermanence of the times can be used to celebrate the ability to morph something into something else never seen before.

Let’s face it, it’s obvious that the old ways of doing things are crumbling, the water has broken the levies of the past structure and we have to reinvent everything.

Let’s go! The first thing is to grab this Piscean influence of forgiveness and compassion, use the Saturn in Scorpio influence of discernment and harness this immense power into something that will stand the test of time and travail. This is, in a sense, a very exciting time and the culmination of many prophecies (also ruled by Pisces).

Let’s see how we do!

Aries (March 21 - April 20): This week should be right down your alley with loads of controversies, arguments and disagreements for you to jump into the middle of and take charge. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces and by the end of the week, six, SIX heavenly bodies in that bodacious sign, in your solar sector of Endings. As these planets crowd up, you’re encouraged to pick up on something you’d left behind, resurrect good habits you’ve ditched for one reason or another and be aware that you’re not alone in any way, shape or form. Don’t distance yourself! The Full Moon in your sector of Creative Expression will rev your rockets.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20): The Full Moon in your sector of Home will illuminate gratitude and the desire to improve your crib. With Mercury retrograde in the swamp of six planets in Pisces by midweek (your solar sector of Friends/Goals) you now know clearly who you can and can’t rely on. It won’t kill you to detach a root or two from the river bank and see where the flow takes you, but exercise the normal precautions during retrograde Mercury. No two ways about it, we’re in a swamp phase right now so don’t think it’s just you.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Are you feeling all “Yikes, gak!”? No small wonder! The Full Moon in your sector of Thinking/Communicating encourages you to take the noble route but all these planets in your sector of Career/Highest Potential are throwing in their two cents worth and that equals confusion. Your swift mind is used to being spontaneous but you question every move right now; this could be a good thing. There is so much going on in the Heavens this week that you need to really pay attention to where you are and what you’re doing so you don’t get T-Boned by life!

Cancer (June 21 - July 22):You could be suffering from ill health right now (cold, flu, bronchitis or other “watery” condition) due to a massive buildup of planets in your companion water sign Pisces along with Mercury being retrograde in the same sign. This makes you very cranky. The Full Moon in your sector of Resources will open a doorway for you to regain your health and well-being in a different manner than you’re accustomed to. By midweek we’ll see six heavenly bodies in Pisces (your sector of Expansion) and as much as you want to fly out waving your claws around, the waves will beat you back. Best to just stay put for now.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): This is your Full Moon, and it will bring a deep sense of relief since six planets will be shoved into Pisces by midweek and swamping everyone with overwhelming stuff. Realize that this is not something to take personally nor fret over too much; your sense of nobility and quality wants everything to shine but the current influences are letting water in through the cracks so there will be some rust. You’ll have to do some polishing and backtracking, which you can’t stand having to do, especially if it comes from someone else’s mistakes. Soldier on and do what you can to have uplifting moments in your days that are totally under your own control.

Virgo (August 23 ) This week’s Full Moon falls in your sector of Endings/Collective Unconscious and gives you dreams of import one way or another. With Mercury retrograde and a crowding of planets in your opposite sign of Pisces, you may feel very misjudged by others if you utter even one word of criticism or opinion; this is a good time to zip it and just send them on their way. This is going to be a week of major proportions for everyone so enhance what you can in your own life so that it reflects out into the world. And no, it’s not your imagination, everyone’s on edge.

Libra (September 23 - October 22): As strategic as you want to be, it’s not happening this week; the Full Moon in Leo will help you gather your forces in terms of friends and like-minded, kindred spirits but you will be taking one step forward and two steps back due to the overload of planets in Pisces as well as retrograde Mercury in that sign. This is a week that promises to blow the lid off a lot of stuff so be very discerning about where your attention goes. Other than that, focus on staying in the saddle at a full gallop and no reins.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 22):You’re getting the drift now in terms of the extreme Pisces influence and by midweek there will be six heavenly bodies in that one sign (your solar sector of Creative Expression). You’re one sign that can benefit from this enormously and show others the way, but don’t expect them to go where you lead them. Also, don’t expect anyone to follow your advice when they ask for it. This is a week where people just want to vent but not look for any solutions because it’s easy to be caught up in the tsunami of energy now. The Full Moon this week falls in your sector of Career/Highest Potential so you will glean valuable insight from it that will set you up for the week.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 20): Well, we’ve made it to the most intense week of the Pisces stellium; by midweek there will be six heavenly bodies in that one sign, so if you feel overwhelmed by problems concerning your home or finances, just wait it out or grab a surfboard and catch the wave! The Full Moon in your sector of Expansion gives you the impetus to life yourself to the river bank away from the rapids, so you must not let anyone or anything drag you back. Mercury is retrograde, remember. Don’t take any risks.

Capricorn (December 21 - January 19): You can’t stand it when things are vague or oscillating, but that’s how it is right now with Mercury retrograde amongst the pileup of planets in Pisces. Six heavenly bodies will occupy this one sign by midweek and this is the week that will have you saying, “I told you so!” to all and sundry. Just don’t be surprised if someone aims that phrase at you, too! The Full Moon in your sector of Shared Assets will ignite insight for you to get you through this week, so keep your thoughts productive and your actions decisive.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 19):Do you feel like you’re bleeding money? Not surprising with this big pileup of planets in your sector of Finances/Resources. The good thing about this stellium (Venus will move into Pisces at midweek, making it six planets in that one sign) is that you are a very creative sign and Pisces governs creativity so you have a chance to discover talents and methods of getting things done you never knew you had! The Full Moon will illuminate your sector of Relationships and you can really set an example of grace under fire if you choose to. Or you can just have a good Tasmanian Devil tantrum and show them all how fun it is.

Pisces (February 20 - March 20):On the world stage, this will be an explosive week; there will be a whopping six heavenly bodies in your sign by midweek with retrograde Mercury amongst them. What’s a fishie to do??!! You are in a period of extremes, and moderation is totally gone. Just be careful as this will pass but we are now at the peak of this powerful and magical stellium. The Full Moon will illuminate your sector of work/health and encourage you to pay attention to your heart health and spine. Swimming is always good so find a pool and have at it! Since the onus is on your endearing sign, take the jewels offered you and spread them far and wide. It will take little effort to do that now.


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