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San Juan County has been awarded state funding to continue administering the Transportation Voucher Program through 2015. While the current phase of the Transportation Voucher Program closes this June, the popular program will begin accepting applications for phase two at the end of summer.

Kicking off last August, the Transportation Voucher Program has seen significant use by its participants over the last nine months; providing 160 taxi rides, 35-45 ferry fares, and repairing and making safer 6-8 vehicles per month. The Transportation Voucher Program serves 180 of our most transportation -vulnerable community members, equal to about 1.5% of our total county population.

The Transportation Voucher Program represents a unique public-private partnership of transportation providers, and local social services, to provide community access for Transportation Voucher Program participants. The Transportation Voucher Program boasts taxi service and ferry fare access on San Juan, Orcas and Lopez islands, and auto repair and parts services on Orcas and San Juan. Ferry fares are acquired through partnership with the Family Resource Centers.

If you are currently a Transportation Voucher Program participant, please make plans to spend your remaining funds prior to June 15th. If you have any questions regarding the Transportation Voucher Program or public transportation in San Juan County, please contact Christopher Aiken at 360-370-7512, or [email protected].


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