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 "In New York I’d go to the movies three of four times a week. Here I’ve upped it to six or seven, mainly because I’m too lazy to do anything else. Fortunately, going to the movies seems to suddenly qualify as an intellectual accomplishment, on a par with reading a book or devoting times to serious thought. It's not that the movies have gotten any more strenuous, it’s just that a lot of people are as lazy as I am, and together we’ve agreed to lower the bar." David Sedaris


Steven Spielberg directs this epic historical drama, winner of two Academy Awards, and box office hit which concerns the last four months of Lincoln’s life, the end of the Civil War, and the fight to pass the 13th Amendment. It’s History according to Spielberg, a lavish production and entertaining, but to be taken with a little salt.


Writer/Director Edward Anderson creates a suspense/thriller bus ride from the airport, with so many twists and turns in it, that the viewer gets as jerked around as the riders.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

This documentary focuses on two men, one Australian and one American, both with health crises, who embark on a healing path of juicing fruits and vegetables in an attempt to rescue their health. The results are fascinating, and will make you want a juicer if you don’t have one yet.

John Dies at the End

This is a dark comedy-horror thriller with clever writing in an outer limit like story about a strange new drug that alters time for the user. The director, Don Coscarelly, works a desperate plot that’s as easy to understand as a half a dozen nightmares in the same evening. This movie isn’t for everyone, but some will find a zany thrill ride.

Anna Karenina

Joe Wright directs this story of a passionate and forbidden love affair in 19th century Russia. And Keira Knightley does a nice job as leading lady in the movie filled with beautiful costumes and stylish art direction.


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