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Friday Harbor, La Conner and Mount Vernon high school golf teams played April 22 at San Juan Golf and Country Club. Reviewing the results, Wolverine Golf Coach Jack Rice said, "LaConner is the number one team in our League. The two seniors are seasoned player and have a good chance to go to the State Tournament."



Brendan McCleon 37

Wilson Crawford 39

Dyllan Watkins 45

David Takehara 54

Kattie McKnight 68

Kelly McLung 69

Aubry Swigart 69

Total Low four scores 175


Wolverine Kendra Meeker

Friday Harbor

Kendra Meeker 40

Jess Hargrove 44

Cole Thomas 50

Keegan Hebert 51

Jordan Davis 56

Devan Rousar 53

Izzy Stock 60

Total Low four scores 185

Mt Vernon Christian

Jason Withes 51

Alex Bridge 52

Trevin Rudy 59

Derdk Schmitz 59

Kennedy Lucas 61

Total Low four scores 221


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