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San Juan County PHD#1 signs MOU with San Juan Island Fire Dept.

LWVSJ Observer Corps summary of  San Juan County Public Hospital District #1 Regular Board Meeting March 27, 2024.

Linda McCarthy of Mount Baker Planned Parenthood gave the annual report. In 2023, the Friday Harbor office had 211 visits and provided 514 services via the once weekly clinic and telehealth appointments. Almost half the services were STD testing and treatment, followed by family planning/contraception, pregnancy testing, and cancer screening. Most patients are in the 30-39 and 40+ age groups. Almost half receive services free or at very low fees due to income. The facility lost its local nurse practitioner, and staff shortages and travel difficulties limit staffing from Bellingham. MBPP is working with the county health department to do STD testing and is managing patients’ birth control needs. It hopes to have regular staffing on San Juan Island soon.

Supervisor Nathan Butler, PHD and EMS Report. The full financial operations will be in house after the receipt of the last paychecks issued by the county in late March. EMS call volume increased substantially since January; in past years calls did not increase from the winter months until April/May. The PHD is awaiting further action by Peace Island Medical Center to work on a letter of intent for a proposed health care workers housing project.

Evan Perrollaz, Executive Director of Home Care Services, is moving ahead with hiring caregivers, now that the PHD financial operations are in place. The Village at Home office is set up.

The Commissioners will hold a workshop for strategic planning for PHD’s long term projects, tentatively set for April 15. They approved the appointments of Stephen Wambsganss as treasurer and Laura Jack as auditor of record, in accordance with state law.

The Commissioners approved and signed letters to Frank James MD, SJC Health Officer and Linda McCarthy, CEO of Mount Baker Planned Parenthood, thanking them for their exemplary services to the community and congratulating them on their upcoming retirements.

The Commissioners approved the following agreements: Memorandum of Understanding between EMS and Fire and Rescue for emergency response commitments; Interlocal Agreement Between EMS and Fire and Rescue for EMS response and support (including BLS training for Fire personnel provided by EMS); Interlocal Agreement for marine response and support, using the Fire District’s boat.

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