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The next best thing to being there; DVDs of League presentations

DVDs will be available soon of Dr. Ed Dolan's presentation, The Truth about Taxes: What Choices do We Have? in each of the county's public libraries.  Dolan, a Lopez resident and an economist, educator and blogger about economics was the guest speaker at the county League of Women Voters's September 12 meeting.

The purpose of the meeting, in keeping with the Washington Leagueʼs Civic Engagement Project, was to give those who attended unbiased information about the countryʼs fiscal status and some possible remedies for the situation we find ourselves in.

After speaking for 35 minutes, Dolan took responded to a wide range of questions from the audience.

All League membership meetings pertaining to topics of public interest are filmed, placed on DVDs, and added to island library collections. A link to the power point presentation portion of the meeting is available on Dr Dolanʼs blog.

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