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Rotarians victorious at 2023 Knowledge Bowl

Seven teams battled through two rounds of questions at the 2023 Knowledge Bowl Wednesday, March 1, 2023. The Rotary Club (27), Lion's Club (26), 9th/10th graders (23), Soroptimists ((22), Kiwanis (19), 11th/12th graders (19), and 8th graders (15) then had to decide how many of their points to bet on the final question. 

Three teams bet it all and answered correctly. Three teams bet everything but didn't know Canada is the country with the longest shoreline. And one team knew the Canada was the answer but only bet five points.

Rotary Club proudly posed with the highly coveted trophy

The Rotary Club won with 56 points. Two points behind was the Lion's team with 54. and the 8th graders rocketed from last place to third with 30 points. The 8th-graders also won prizes for best costumes.


Emcee Mason Turnage kept the competition lively and especially colorful in the final round. 

The scores were (first round | second round | final score) : 

Rotary Club: 16 | 27 | 54

Lions Club: 14 | 26 | 52

8th graders: 10 | 15 | 30

Soroptimists: 13 | 22 | 27 

9th/10th graders: 15 | 23| 0

11th/12th graders:  13 | 19 | 0

Kiwanis: 11 | 19 | 0

The judges calculated the scores.

And the winner of the raffle's Xbox prize was a happy camper. 

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