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May 3, 4, 5, 6: Seine for Science at Jacksons Beach on San Juan Island

Do you like the beach, science, and sea creatures? If so, please read further for an opportunity to get involved in a fun research activity at Jackson Beach this week with a researcher from Friday Harbor Labs.

Hello. My name is Nora Carlson and I am a research scientist at Friday Harbor Labs. I am studying how the noise we make underwater changes the behavior of a small but very important fish called a sandlance. For my research I need to catch sandlance so I can play them noises and see how they respond. To do this we use a technique called seining where we row a net out from a beach and then pull it in by hand to catch the fish near the bottom (where sandlance live). This is very effective but requires a lot of strength and people to work. I plan to do some seining this week at Jackson Beach around low tide. I am planning to be there May 3rd and 4th at 10:00 and on May 5th and 6th at 11:00.

I need help both pulling in the net (it ideally needs at least 12 people) and also making sure all the non-sandlance species get back to their watery homes as quickly as possible, while the sandlance get into cool water coolers for transport back to the Labs. I am hoping a lot of people would like to help out with this activity, see some cool sea creatures, and get to talk to some cool scientists as well! All ages welcome.

If you do want to come I would love a heads up (both how many people and which seine(s) you can come to) so I can get enough snacks for everyone Please either email me at: Nora.v.carlson@gmail.com, txt me at 206 402 9523, or leave a comment below (though you can come unannounced as well). If we do not get enough people to pull in the nets on a specific day, we will try again at the next day’s seine.

For equipment, please bring some boots (if you don’t have any shore only work is possible too) and some work gloves you don't mind getting wet (we will have some extras on hand as well). It helps with the ropes and helps the sea creatures.

I hope to see a lot of people!

Be joyous


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