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WSF fares return to non-peak rates October 1

The last day of Washington State Ferries summer peak season surcharge for single vehicle fares is Friday, September 30. On Saturday, October 1, single vehicle fares will return to their non-peak rates. Also starting on October 1, youth passengers 18 and under will ride Washington State Ferries (WSF) ferries for free. Drivers age 16-18 will need to pay.

Passenger fares and multi-ride products are not affected by the peak season changes.

In addition, general fare increases and policy changes will take effect on Saturday, October 1. Changes include 2.5 percent increase for all fares.

For more information, please visit the Washington State Transportation Commission’s Ferry Fares page. To view the current fares, and those going into effect on October 1, please visit the WSF Fare Information Page.

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