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WSF wants to know your thoughts about the ferries

Washington State Ferries Customers are encouraged to participate in the current Ferry Riders Opinion Group survey to share their thoughts on all things WSF. The survey is hosted by the Washington State Transportation Commission and helps WSF hear feedback and suggestions directly from customers and constituents.

Those looking to participate can either sign up to join the survey panel to ensure you’re included in this and all future surveys, or you can just take the current survey that is available online without signing up to receive future surveys. This current survey will be available through October 18.


  • PETER DELORENZI Thursday, 06 October 2022 10:49 Comment Link Report

    Every few years I voice the same concern: When docking in Friday Harbor please hold foot and bike traffic until the vehicles are offloaded. This would alleviate some of the congestion on Spring Street as vehicles must stop and start amidst the uneducated pedestrians. I am a former air traffic controller. "Fast and heavy goes first". The responses I have gotten include "We would have to make an announcement". You already make an announcement.....just re-record it.

  • Judith Azrael Wednesday, 05 October 2022 17:44 Comment Link Report

    Many paces including hospitals are rehiring those who were fired because they did not want to receive a covid vaccine. These seems a good time to rehire the ferry workers who were fired. They don't mix much with the passengers and are already fully trained. It could be an enormous help with all the problems the ferry system is struggling with.

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