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Share your opinion on possible ferry fuel surcharge by November 30

State transportation commission seeks comments on funding additional ferry fuel costs

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Transportation Commission is seeking public input on the possibility of applying a ferry fuel surcharge to ferry fares in the future, to help cover growing fuel costs for the state ferry system. The ferry fuel surcharge has been a possible funding tool available to the state since 2011 in the event fuel budgets fall short. However, due to more stable fuel costs in years past, the surcharge has never been activated by the commission.

Under the current regulation, the ferry fuel surcharge could be activated upon Commission approval. If activated, the surcharge would be added to the fare and could be in an amount from 2.5% – 10% of the fare, depending on the funding gap the surcharge is addressing.

The public can now weigh in on whether a fuel surcharge should be added to ferry fares and how it could be applied. The commission is hosting an online public input forum through Wednesday, Nov. 30.

All input gathered will be shared with commission members at their virtual meeting scheduled for Dec. 13 and 14 and will help inform discussions around future ferry fuel funding needs during the upcoming 2023 Legislative session.

In addition to providing comments via the online forum, public comment on a possible ferry fuel surcharge can also be offered in the following ways:

Email the commission at: transc@wstc.wa.gov

Provide feedback via the commission’s online comment form

For more information about the commission, visit: www.wstc.wa.gov/

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