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All 3 medevac units needed for simultaneous calls on Orcas Island Saturday

Three separate calls - an overturned commercial truck in the 400-block of Buck Mountain Road with multiple injuries, a critical medical call, and a trauma call were all handled by Orcas Island Fire and Rescue crews Saturday morning, July 23, 2022. All three of the services that provide medevac flights - Island Air, Airlift Northwest, and LifeFlight Network - were requested simultaneously to transport multiple patients. 

Buck Mountain Road was closed while crews worked to mitigate hazards. One lane was reopened in the early afternoon. Tow is expected to be available to remove the overturned truck Sunday. In the meantime, it is best to use alternate routes for those residing above 460-block of Buck Mountain Road.

Photos courtesy of Orcas Island Fire and Rescue

Moments like this show the importance of obtaining memberships with all three air resources: Island Air, Airlift Northwest, and LifeFlight Network.

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