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Fire Danger Level downgraded to MODERATE; burn permit season opens Oct. 10

Effective September 27, 2022, San Juan County, WA fire danger level is downgraded to MODERATE. This change is due to cooling temperatures at night, a high dew point, and relative humidity.

Recreational campfires remain open at this time and include attended fires consisting of clean, dry firewood in an approved fire pit up to three feet in diameter surrounded by at least three feet diameter of bare soil, gravel, or other non-flammable material.

Burn Permit Season to open October 10

Residential burn permits are valid from time of purchase till May 31, 2023. Residential permits are $20 and become available for purchase on October 10 at 8 am.

Commercial burn permits are $300, require heavy equipment, water on site, and field inspection prior to burning.

Burn permits are available online at the San Juan County Permit Center.

No open burning is allowed within an Urban Growth Area with exception to recreational campfires.

For more information on burning in San Juan County, visit the Fire Marshal’s website at https://www.sanjuanco.com/1088/Fire-Marshal

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