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Structure and belongings are total loss in fire on Lopez Island

A passerby called  9-1-1 Saturday, March 4, 2023 when they saw flames from the front of a structure in the 300 block of  Lopez Road on Lopez Island. Lopez Fire and EMS responded to the structure fire at 7:42 p.m. The first arriving officers found the front of the structure had significant flames from the southeast corner doors and windows, the interior floor had collapsed, and the basement was fully involved.

Our first in engine connected to a fire hydrant a block away and pulled a large hose to begin suppressing the heat and flames. The fire was extinguished at 8:35 pm and firefighters spent the next few hours extinguishing hot spots. The fire department cleared the scene at 12:03 am with one person remaining to watch for flare ups.

San Juan County Fire Marshall was at the site at 8 am Sunday morning to begin an investigation, which is ongoing. Local security camera footage revealed that the fire flashed in the residence at 7:36 pm, it is unknown how long the fire grew prior to this time.

The structure and its belongings are a total loss. There were no residents home, and nobody was physically hurt because of this fire.

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