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San Juan Island Fire and Rescue Dept to hold special budget workshop Dec. 2

LWVSJ Observer Corps summary of  San Juan Island Fire District, November 14, 2023 meeting.

The Board appointed and swore in Amy Taylor as new Board Secretary. The chair then made a statement that with Chief Collins retired and Neil Monin as interim chief until a new permanent chief is appointed, that Chief Monin will have the full powers of fire chief during his tenure.

During the approval of payroll, commissioners asked about employee insurance. The current insurance plan has an Employee Assistance Program.      

To meet key financial deadlines, the Commissioners passed a 2024 budget, presented by Chief Monin that that would spend both the projected 2024 revenue and the bulk of the projected $350k ending cash balance leaving a projected ending 2024 cash balance of less than $3k. They scheduled a budget workshop for Saturday December 2, to rework the budget to reduce the drawdown of cash reserves with the intention of passing an amended 2024 budget by December 6. 

The commissioners adopted the Fire District tax levy with the allowed 1% + new construction increase.  

The interlocal agreement with the Town of Friday Harbor for the Fire District to do fire inspections of businesses has been completed.   

The financial report showed that through October the Fire District had received 83% of budgeted revenue and spent 71% of budgeted expenses.

The Department has applied to acquire a surplus wild land fire unit from the Department of Natural Resources.    

Staff from the Fire Department travelled to Seattle to testify in the Spring Street fire arson case.  The administrative process of separating the retiring chief is proceeding. The Department is recruiting volunteers for the next training. So far, they have seven signed up and hope to get twelve. The greatest needs are at Cap e San Juan, Eagle Point and Sunset Crest. 

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