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Filing week for 2014 election is May 12-16

Want to become an elected official? Positions ranging from state representative to county Prosecuting Attorney to Sheriff are up for election in November 2014. Candidates can file in person at the county Election Office from May 12-16.


POSITIONS and incumbents are:


State representative positions currently held by Kristine Lytton and Jeff Morris State Representative

San Juan County


Charles Zalmanek is not running for re-election.


Milene Henley is running for re-election


Joan P. White is running for re-election

County Council - Lopez/Shaw

Jamie Stephens

Prosecuting Attorney

Randall K. Gaylord


Rob Nou


Jan Sears is not running for re-election

District Court Judge

Stewart R. Andrew

Filing fees and other information for candidates is available on the Elections Office website

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