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Former San Juan County Councilmember Rick Hughes running for County Council Position #2

Former County Councilmember Richard Fralick sent in this message about Rick Hughes candidacy.  

I am delighted to announce that my good friend Rick Hughes has decided to run for the Orcas position on the San Juan County Council in 2024.  Rick is a former County Councilmember and I think exceptionally well qualified.  Please join me in supporting his candidacy.

Rick Hughes is a third generation Orcas Islander who, with his wife Marlace, owns and operates several businesses on Orcas Island.  As a small business owner, Rick understands what it means to balance a budget and meet payrolls.

Rick served on the County Council from 2013-2020 during which time he proved he could get things done.  Under Rick’s leadership:

  • For the first time in 25 years the County, as required by law, became fully compliant with the Washington State Growth Management Act.
  • The County operated with a balanced budget while reducing its debt and increasing its Rainy-Day, Capital and Lodging Tax Reserves.
  • Resources were generated and used to improve the County’s infrastructure.  Bridges were replaced, walking paths added and roads improved.  The Park-N-Ride facility on Orcas was completed.
  • Good working relationships with neighboring counties and state legislators were established.  This resulted in synergistic approaches to solving shared problems.  Rick has a strong understanding of ferry issues and has established relationships within the ferry system that can help resolve this major concern for San Juan County.

Governance is complicated and requires making difficult choices.  Over 8 years of decision making, it is not possible to please everyone all the time.  What is important is to make decisions honestly with an open mind, examining the issues and listening closely to the community’s concerns. While in office Rick did just that.

Rick’s pledge to the Community, “To operate a fair, honest and transparent government, to work for better communications and interaction between county employees and the public and to have county government serve as an aid to the public.  In short, to give the government back to the community. I know this will not be an easy job, but I promise to listen, learn, be fair, honest and to act in the best interest of Orcas Island and San Juan County.”

I admire Rick’s integrity and respect his approach to governance.  Please join me and vote to return Rick Hughes to the San Juan County Council.

- Richard Fralick

Deer Harbor

San Juan County Councilmember 2009-2012

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