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Paulsen running for San Juan County Council Position #2

Justin Paulsen is pleased to announce that he will be running for the San Juan County Council seat #2 in the November election.

Justin’s made San Juan County his home for more than 20 years, operating a small business while raising five children with his wife, Amber. Community service is a top priority for Justin: he currently serves as an elected Commissioner for the Orcas Park and Recreation District, is Chair of the San Juan County Ferry Advisory Committee, and is a founding member of the SJC Recovery in Community board. 

"San Juan County is unlike any other community in our state,” said Justin “Our geography, environment, and diverse economic needs require specific attention and thoughtfulness by our community leaders. What I would bring to the Council is a voice that acknowledges and speaks for the entirety of our County - all of our distinct island communities - and, especially, the working-class individuals and families who are the backbone and at the heart of our communities. Issues such as housing, access to medical care and transportation must be addressed while keeping a focused eye on limited County funds. Thoughtful and responsible planning for growth in an equitable and sustainable manner is critical to our success today and so that  future generations can continue to call San Juan County their home."

Affordable housing is an issue close to Justin’s heart. As a builder in San Juan County, Justin has played a part in creating and maintaining more than 60 affordable housing units

Working with OPALCO and representatives from Lopez and San Juan Island, he was part of creating the original Energy Audit program which focused on bringing energy efficiency upgrades to San Juan County residents. Justin and his family are involved in local agriculture, participating for many years in 4H activities and supplying the local community with products from their small family farm. He is a strong supporter of youth sports and has served in many volunteer roles over the years.

"My goal as your Council representative is to raise up the voices of ALL islanders to be seen and heard as we, together, address the critical issues facing our community.”

Contact manager@paulsen4council.com to get involved with Justin's campaign or to sign up for important campaign announcements.

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