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Friday Harbor Post Office in dire straits

Overwhelmed with pallets of Amazon boxes and reduced to a skeleton crew, postal workers at the Post Office in Friday Harbor are pushed to the point of tears. The few employees left are doing their best to provide postal service but the situation is untenable. 

USPS has the contract to deliver Amazon packages. Friday Harbor receives four to 10 pallets of Amazon boxes each day. A tent has been erected in the back of the Post Office to store the packages as there isn't enough space in the building. 

The district, that the local post office is part of, was supposed to send five workers from other Post Offices to help the short-staffed local office. So far only one person has turned up.

Some ideas that citizens have batted around: 

If islanders would temporarily stop ordering from Amazon, it might help the workers catch up.

Close the post office early or open later, to give the workers time to concentrate on the packages. Several of the county government offices have done this. They don't open to the public until 10 a.m. so they have uninterrupted time to focus on their work.

Contact our state and federal legislators. Unfortunately, the Post Office is part of the executive branch. In other words, Congress doesn't have much of a role in how the Postal Service operates. 

Many islanders have offered to help, but volunteers are not allowed.

Editor's note: This story will be updated on Friday. I'm working on reaching the decision makers who can, I hope, explain what they are going to do to resolve this situation. Let's hope they have answers. It is unconscionable for anyone to work in these conditions.  



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