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Housing for Emergency Responders needed on San Juan Island

San Juan County Department of Emergency Preparedness is seeking housing for 10-20 emergency responders who are arriving on island on Friday, August 26 to work the vessel recovery of the FV Aleutian Isle on the west Side of San Juan Island. They posted a message on DEM's Facebook page in an effort to find housing. 

"Needs range for 1 night, to perhaps 7-14 days. They don't all need to stay together. Do you have an empty house you might be willing to rent that can sleep 4 or more people?

If you do, please chime in on the comment thread (on the Facebook page)  and those who are coordinating responder logistics will monitor. At this point we are not looking for islanders who are able to host in guest rooms in their homes (though that might be the next step). Thanks islanders."



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