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Sept 22: Aleutian Isle no longer significant threat to environment in the San Juan Islands

Status Update September 22, 2022: Unified Command has declared the vessel no longer poses a significant threat to the environment. Crews continue work to prepare the vessel and barge for transit to a mainland facility. 

Crane operator view of the response 9/20/22. US Coast Guard photo

The Aleutian Isle sits on the barge at the end of the day September 21, 2022. 

Air quality monitors are being demobilized.

Although the vessel was removed from the water, responders will still monitor for any residual fuel that could impact the shoreline or wildlife. Wildlife experts and shoreline assessment teams will be surveying the area, looking for potential oil impacts for the next several days.

If anyone sees uncontained sheening, please call the National Response Center at: 800-424-8802. If  you encounter oiled wildlife, please contact 800-22-BIRDS.   

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