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Port of Friday Harbor approves changes to Marina Rules and Regs and Liveaboard policy

LWVSJ Observer Corps* Notes from the  Friday Harbor Port Commission February 22, 2023 meeting. 

The Commission reviewed and accepted the Golden Era Aviation Hangar lease and a contract Wilson Electric and Plumbing for electric installation at the new Port hangar.

The Commission approved a task order for by $497,361 to cover additional needed remediation with Peter Leon Environmental This will be 90% covered as allowable expenses under a grant. The Town Poetry Garden agreement was renewed.

The Jensen and Shipyard Cove Marina Rules and Regulations and the Liveaboard Policy were reviewed. Changes were approved to reflect different levels of ownership for boats, including VRBO, AirBnB, and time shares rentals and fractional ownership of boats.

All boat owners must be on both the title and insurance policy of any boat. Any LLC-owned boats will have to list the name of the registered owner and responsible party. Sublet assignments and clear language around vessel sales and the amount of time they are allowed to stay in their slips need to be implemented to keep the waitlist moving.

The goal is to stop attempts to jump the waitlist for slips. The cost to be on the waitlist is $100 per year with waits 60’ slip up to 5 years and for 50’ slips up to 3.5 years.

A manufacturer’s list of dock box suppliers with the exact dimensions required by the Port will be available to those using the marinas. Boaters are to be reminded about summer droughts and water usage.

The Commission discussed applications for the Citizens Advisory Committee with a goal of more diversity. The commission will publicize the to include non-port customers via Facebook, the newspaper and other social media outlets on the island.

The Lummi nation have offered a tribal totem pole gifted to the Port and for public display. The Arts Commission has been consulted and it remains to be decided on how to proceed. The decision should be a public process and this will be an action item for the next meeting.

The bathroom remodel is underway and the results are clean, bright and refreshed facilities. Several options were discussed in how to manage the restrooms (Men, Women, no gender) when they are being cleaned.

*The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan organization encourages informed participation in government. The Observer Corps attends and takes notes at government meetings to expand public understanding of public policy and decisions. The notes do not necessarily reflect the views of the League or its members.

The next Port meeting is from 12 noon to 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at San Juan Island Yacht Club 


Friday Harbor Port District Port Commission Meeting

San Juan Island Yacht Club

Wednesday March , 2023 at 12 noon

Regular Meeting


Members of the public unable to attend the meeting may email comments for presentation to the Commission during the public comment period. Please email to ToddN@PortFH.org with the subject line “Public Comment”. Comment must be received 24 hours prior the meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/3796847063?pwd=d3NoTW05aXNqaWUzL1g0UVhsN1RoQT09

Meeting ID: 379 684 7063

Password: 7063

Citizen comments/requests: Citizens can make a brief comment or may ask the Commission to schedule a topic for further discussion at a future meeting.


A. Gathering of the Eagles Canoe Journey Presentation

B. Lummi Nation Totem and Virtual Reality Interpretive Center Presentation by Jay Julius

Consent Agenda:

A. Approval of Minutes: February 22, 2023 Meeting Minutes

B. Approval of Vouchers: Payroll and Vouchers

Action Items:

A. Consider Selecting and Contracting with Reid Middleton as On-Call Marina Engineer

B. Consider Authorizing Executive Director to Submit the AIP 44 Airport Energy Assessment Study Grant Application to FAA, and Execute the Energy Assessment Study Contract with the FAA Approved Scope

C. Consider Authorizing the Executive Director Authority to Award the Taxiway A Contract to the Lowest Responsive Bidder

a. AIP Taxiway Work is 90% Funded (Surety Covers Costs Beyond Original OPCI Cost)

b. Non-AIP Hangar Access Drives (Port Funded but Surety Covers Costs Beyond Original OPCI Cost)

c. Non-AIP Hangar Slab Extension (100% Port Cost if Awarded)

Staff Reports: Executive Director, Todd Nicholson 

Port Commissioner and Committee Reports:

New Business: Commissioners May Share Information or Introduce Topics for Discussion at a Future Meeting.

Citizen comments/requests: Citizens can make a brief comment or may ask the Commission to schedule a topic for further discussion at a future meeting.


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