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Loud boom in Eastsound recorded at seismic station March 7

A loud boom in the early morning hours March 7 was heard on Orcas Island and recorded on the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network station. Seismologist Steve Malone said the location and time 4:14:22 a.m. is approximate and could be up to a mile in any direction.  Location is shown as 48.699 N 122.893 W ~2.2 km altitude. The location routine puts it several thousand ft in the air but  is most likely is on or near the ground. 

A number of new seismic stations have been installed. Malone requested any other dates and times of strange booms. He will look to see if these were seismically recorded as well. San Juan Islander has sent him the following: 

Orcas Island

  1. October 17, 2021 - about 11 p.m. - heard at Highlands, Crow Valley, Beach Haven
  2. May 16 - about 11 p.m. two explosions heard at West Beach
  3. May 14 -  heard at Highlands

If you know of any other dates, times, and locations please email them to news@sanjuanislander.com and we'll pass them on.

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