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Request for Proposals for San Juan County Lodging Tax Facilities / Promotional Grant Program

SAN JUAN COUNTY, WA. September 23, 2022 –San Juan County has established a tourism facilities program, funded by a portion of the revenue collected under the State Lodging Tax excise statutes and is seeking proposals from qualified entities interested in: 

  1. Funding single project proposals concerned with acquiring, improving, or developing facilities for enhancing the tourism experience; and/or 
  2. Matching grants for operating tourism facilities that enhance the tourism experience; and/or
  3. Matching grants for events that draw tourists; and/or 
  4. Projects that carry out the goals of the San Juan County LTAC Tourism Master Plan. 

The expected outcome of the funded activities is to increase economic activity in San Juan County in 2023 and beyond through the overnight lodging of tourists, through tourism-related expenditures, and construction of tourism-related facilities. 

Program categories are funded through either the Promotional or the Facilities portions of LTAC funds. Program categories are: 

  • Emphasis on tourism facilities capital program (only for facilities in which the County has an ownership portion)
  • Construction 
  • Improvement
  • Renovation 
  • Matching grants for tourism events and festivals designed to attract tourists
  • Matching grants for operation of existing eligible tourism facilities that meet the criteria of this RFP and the long-range tourism plan (including, but not limited to historic museums, performing arts, visual arts)
  • Special investments that help to accomplish objectives of the LTAC Master Plan (available online at: http://sanjuanco.com/614/Lodging-Tax-Advisory-Committee).

Proposals are due no later than 5:00p.m., Sunday, November 6, 2022 and all projects must be completed in this funding cycle by December 31, 2023. For information and an application packet, contact Debbie Boyer at the Public Works Office (360)370-0502 or debbieb@sanjuanco.com

 Requests by mail should be sent to: 

San Juan County

Lodging Tax Facilities Grant Program 

350 Court Street #1

Friday Harbor, WA 98250 

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  • liza westphalen Monday, 26 September 2022 14:26 Comment Link Report

    Should we be attracting more tourists?

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