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San Juan County updating Recreation, Open Space, and Stewardship Plan

SAN JUAN COUNTY, WA. October 4, 2022 – San Juan County is hosting two virtual Open Houses featuring its updating process of the 2017-2022 Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas Plan. It's been renamed ROSS  to best reflect its content: the Recreation, Open Space, and Stewardship Plan.

The Open Houses are set for 6 to 7 p.m. October 11 and 13.

How to attend: Review the Plan before the meeting, if you can. Join the Zoom via this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89094246104?pwd=RWFkQnltbmxVNVAzcUpmM0dvN3drQT09   

This Plan guides action and investment in the County’s wide variety of outdoor spaces and facilities for the next six years. It describes existing parks and facilities, charts community priorities, and defines an action plan. Ultimately, it supports the community’s vision of an interconnected system of parks and natural areas that provides easy access to the water and natural areas; celebrates island culture, character, and a healthy environment; and is delivered through efficient programs and innovative partnerships.

The 2017-2022 Plan was made possible by $4,550,000 in funding for parks, recreation, and conservation projects. Projects included acquisition of 1,394 acres of land outright and 130 acres of conservation easement, including over 2 miles of shoreline, and with additional access to 2.3 miles of public tidelands.

In the next six years, we plan to use new funding to support:

An integrated system of parks and natural areas

Land acquisition and protection

Safe public access to shorelines and waterways

Stewardship and maintenance programs

Partnerships among recreation and open space providers

Community resources and engagement opportunities

The ROSS Plan will capture residents’ wants and needs and will build on projects that have been successfully completed. The County is incorporating community feedback since 2017, including from recent engagement for the 2022 San Juan County Sustainable Tourism Management Plan.

This plan update is designed to maintain the County’s eligibility for state parks, recreation, and conservation grant funding after the current plan expires on November 1st.

Please provide comments on the draft Plan document on the County’s website from October 10-17.


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