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San Juan County Courts Update Community Service Program

San Juan County District Court and Superior Court are updating their community service program and are looking to add more local organizations to the roster. 

Please help the courts update the list with any San Juan County (all islands) non-profit organizations that want or need volunteers to support their programs. 

Defendants have always had the opportunity to volunteer at non-profit organizations to work off fines or imposed jail time. Courts may also order defendants to perform community service as part of a diversion or deferred sentence.

The San Juan County Adult Probation Office maintains a list of pre-approved, local non-profit organizations that are willing to accept court-ordered volunteers, and this list is provided to those ordered to perform community service hours. 

The obligation of the non-profit is to provide supervision and verification that the volunteer performed work with their organization. L&I insurance is paid by San Juan County for these court-ordered workers. 

If you have any concerns, questions or wish to be on the list please contact:

Brad Fincher, Community Service Coordinator

PO BOX 1233 Friday Harbor, WA 98250, bradf@sanjuanco.com

O (360) 378-8208 C (360) 317-3469 F (360) 378-8225

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