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March 2: FV Aleutian Isle Response: Challenges and Opportunities - Special meeting in Friday Harbor

San Juan County Council will hold a Special Meeting about the Aleutian Isle Spill Response from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm Thursday, March 2, 2023. There will be no public comment. 

Tug, crane barge with crew and the raised Aleutian Isle September 17, 2022. Canada Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans photo

The 58-foot fishing vessel sank Aug. 13, 2022 near Sunset Point off San Juan Island with an estimated 2,500 gallons of diesel on board and 100 gallons of motor oil and other oils. It was recovered from over 250 feet of water in Haro Strait on Sept. 17 after weeks of complex dive operations. It was later towed to Mitchell Bay to provide divers and response crews a safer, shallower environment to prepare it for the final lift out of the water.

How to join the meeting virtually. Call in at 9 am for public access – 360-726-3293

1. +1 360-726-3293,,891968338# United States, Seattle

2. Phone Conference ID: 891 968 338#



10:30 Introductions, led by Tim Lupher (USCG)

10:45 Overall response operations, CWO Johnston (USCG)

11:00 Shoreline protection and SCAT, Allison Meyers (DOE)

11:15  Wildlife response, Don Noviello (WDFW) and CDR Knighton (NOAA)

11:30  Air Monitoring, Geoff Baran (DOE)

11:45 Public outreach/ Liaison, Jase Brooks (DOE)

12 noon  Overall response, FOSC CDR Ladyga (USCG), SOSC Dave Beyers (DOE), and LOSC Brendan Cowan (SJC).

12:15 Questions

Also attending: CAPT Hilbert (USCG), CAPT McDonnell (incoming USCG Captain of the Port), CDR Castaneda (USCG) and Carlos Clements (DOE)


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