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Town of Friday Harbor: First St. Overlay Project Update

The Contractor has been issued a notice to proceed with construction activities on the First Street Overlay Project in Friday Harbor starting as early as Monday, April 11. A project manager will be on-site at all times to address concerns. Questions for daily operations can be directed to the Contractor, Justin Konnerup, Konnerup Construction (425) 508-0847 or Project Inspector, Pedro Mena, Town of Friday Harbor at (360) 378-2154. Updates on the project will be posted online often.

The “Fire” has altered the anticipated schedule and progression of construction activities. The Contractor will be working with the Town to establish the least impactful progression of construction tasks to accommodate the fire investigation, cleanup and necessary traffic control throughout the downtown core.

As always, drive carefully and thank you in advance for proceeding with caution in areas where Crews are working in the roadway.

Current Project task(s):

Tasks will include mobilization, establishing traffic and erosion control and if time allows, begin removal of existing asphalt on First Street between Court Street and Spring Street.

Mobilization - The Contractor will be transporting equipment to the Island and prepping to break ground.

Asphalt Grinding –The Town and Contractor are working to determine if work begins at Court Street or Spring Street because of the active fire investigation, demolition and traffic diversion from Spring Street. Once started, grinding for the entire project is anticipated to last 3 days as it moves the entirety of the street. No business should experience grinding directly in front of their location for more than a few hours. More information will be posted as soon as available.

Traffic and Erosion Control – The Contractor will be establishing appropriate traffic and erosion control to coincide with activities at the site of the Fire. More information will be posted as soon as available.


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