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Nov. 21: Pruning of Memorial Park's Elms; Nov. 29: Installation of lights

Professional pruning of the Memorial Park elms on Spring Street in Friday Harbor is scheduled for Monday, November 21, weather permitting. Residents are asked to avoid the area to reduce the effect of traffic disruption. Traffic will also be affected by holiday lighting installation scheduled for Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

The Town was advised to further prune the trees after a risk assessment was completed by Seattle-based Tree Solutions, Inc. The company specializes in urban forest management and advises municipalities throughout western Washington on the safety of street trees. Pruning will be completed by local arborist Gustafson Tree Care.

Photo by Christy Desmereaux

The Town has been working to mitigate damage to the 100-year-old Dutch elms since a significant portion of one tree broke off this spring. “We plan to open the park for the holiday season once we feel assured the public’s safety is not at risk,” said Town Administrator Denice Kulseth.

The two elms were planted in May 1922 by the Women’s Study Club as a memorial to those lost in WWI, one representing Army losses, one representing Navy losses. Questions regarding the elms may be directed to the Town Administrator at dkulseth@fridayharbor.org.


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