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Esme is Friday Harbor APS Pet of the Week

Esme, a two-year-old female Bull Terrier Mix is Friday Harbor APS Pet of the Week. 


Don’t let her size fool you, she’s a strong lady who’s seen her fair share in two years. Esme is a young mom who loved taking her daughter out to dinner at their favorite local restaurant, but living on the streets in Mexico was hard. It has taken Esme a little while to build trust with people but once you’re in her circle, you will find that she is quite a softy. In fact, it is rumored that Esme might be part otter because she loves to spend time laying on her back.

Esme likes to go on walks or is happy to stay home and play with her favorite toys. She loves to cuddle on the couch and will even let you pick what to watch. If you are looking for a snuggle bug with a big personality, Esme is your girl.

More about Esme: 

Origin: Mexico

Weight: 20 lbs

Personality: Playful, Affectionate, Loyal, Independent, Larger than Life

Energy Level: Medium-Low

Likes: Couch Cuddles, Toys, Yard Zoomies

Dislikes: Disrespecting Boundaries, Sharing Attention, Cats

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