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Island Rec is presenting a  total cardio workout to kick start your day in a truly balanced way with Katerina Wen. This class is a dynamic, fun and energetic package of cardio-friendly yoga poses, strong breath-work and spiraling whole body movements. An optimal self care package for modern people who seek to gain the quickest results for the least amount of workout time.

Whether your primary goal is to burn off those extra pounds, re-set your metabolism at a higher rate, give you radiant looking skin, and high sustainable energy all through the day, this class is for you.

• tones and strengthens your skeletal muscles

• tones and strengthens your cardiac muscles and relaxes your arteries

• helps speed up your metabolism, gently lowering blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure

• balances neurotransmitters and stabilizes positive emotions

• helps generate deep, restful sleep

• increases hydration of the skin and collagen production

• maintains flexibility of your joints and repair of your bone matrix

• increases your self-confidence and overall performance

• connects you with your spiritual core

Two sessions available for registration Thursdays 8:15 to 9:15 am:

June/July session, register by May 24, $41.

September-only session, register by August 23, $23.

Class is held at the Dance Workshop 2. For More information and Registration visit our website, www.islandrec.org or stop by the office 580 Guard St. Monday – Friday 11 am to 5 pm. 360-378-4953.

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