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Sun Rise achieves “Built Green” status

The Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties awarded a Certificate of Merit to San Juan Community Home Trust Sun Rise neighborhood. The development is certified with a rating of 3-Stars in the Built Green program for using quality construction and environmentally friendly methods and materials.

A variety of environmentally friendly features including bamboo flooring, nontoxic materials, energy efficient appliances, extra insulation, solar hot water heaters, rainwater for laundering, and air-to-air heat exchange systems are included in Sunrise homes.

The most significant sustainable feature is the Living Machine sewage treatment system. With the current occupancy rate of 85%, the Home Trust is beginning the process of testing and permitting for re-use of the wastewater. The homes are already plumbed for the recycled water to be used in toilets and for landscaping irrigation. The process is expected to take six to nine months.

There are three units available in Sun Rise: a one-bedroom, wheelchair-accessible unit and two three-bedroom homes. All must be sold to income-eligible San Juan County residents. Call 378-5541 for more information or visit www.hometrust.org

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