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San Juan Islands Sheriff's Log Oct. 28-Nov. 3: Fraud, Identity theft, dirt bike rider flees, ...

Deputies in the San Juan Islands responded to 245 calls from October 28-November 3, 2020 including A Lopez Island deputy attempted to stop an unlicensed dirt bike being driven down Center Rd. The driver fled, leading the deputy on a short vehicle pursuit before the rider abandoned the dirt bike and fled on foot into the woods. A suspect is being sought on felony eluding charges.

The disposition codes are: ACT- active; ALS-Advanced life support; BLS - Basic Life Support; CIC - citation issued; CLO - closed; FAL - false; INA - inactive; NR - no report; UNF - unfounded; GOA - gone on arrival; FTA - failure to appear.


20-009184 Traffic Stop 18:40:22 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009185 Traffic Stop 20:32:37 (San Juan Island) CIC

A San Juan Island Deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding. The driver was issued an infraction for 40 MPH in a 25 MPH zone.

20-009186 Citizen Dispute 20:42:39 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009187 Citizen Dispute 21:01:32 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009188 Traffic Stop 21:59:31 (San Juan Island) CLO

San Juan Island Deputies stopped a vehicle for displaying a cancelled license plate. The driver had the correct plate with him and installed it. Deputies collected the cancelled plates to return to DOL and warned him for the improper display of the old plate.

20-009189 Area Check 22:05:17 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009190 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 22:58:14 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009191 Noise Complaint /not dogs 23:15:37 (San Juan Island) UNF

20-009192 Area Check 23:35:55 (Orcas Island) NR


20-009193 Traffic Stop 00:06:31 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009194 Area Check 07:21:44 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009195 Traffic Stop 07:25:40 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009196 Traffic Stop 07:43:42 (Orcas Island) CIC

A deputy on Orcas Island stopped a vehicle for speeding near Eastsound. Infractions were issued for speeding and no insurance.

20-009197 Traffic Stop 08:04:18 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009198 Traffic Stop 08:08:54 (Orcas Island) CLO

20-009199 Traffic Stop 08:13:43 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009200 Lost Property 08:39:25 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009201 Area Check 09:41:56 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009202 Area Check 10:07:25 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009203 Agency Assistance 10:55:29 (Lopez Island) NR

20-009204 Welfare Check 11:31:15 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009205 Area Check 12:46:10 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009206 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 12:57:25 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009207 Vagrancy 13:37:41 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009208 Citizen Assist 13:55:07 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009209 Attempted Suicide 14:15:09 (Orcas Island) INA

Deputies on Orcas Island responded to a suicidal subject near Eastsound. The person was located, help was given and a report was taken.

20-009210 Fraud 14:16:57 (Orcas Island) INA

An Orcas Island resident reported that his identity was used fraudulently. A report was taken.

20-009211 Citizen Assist 14:23:27 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009212 Fish & Game Violation 14:27:04 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009213 Burglary - Residential 14:39:11 (Orcas Island) UNF

20-009214 Disorderly Conduct 15:59:28 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009215 Trouble Unknown 16:36:00 (Lopez Island) ACT

20-009216 Traffic Violation 16:49:36 (Lopez Island) NR

20-009217 Traffic Stop 19:28:43 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009218 Citizen Assist 20:26:23 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009219 Traffic Stop 20:45:42 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009220 Traffic Stop 21:06:45 (San Juan Island) CAA

A San Juan Island deputy stopped a vehicle for failing to stop at a stop sign. During the traffic stop, the driver fled on foot and was quickly apprehended. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence and obstructing a law enforcement officer and was booked into jail.

20-009221 Area Check 22:33:50 (Orcas Island) NR


20-009222 Alarm 02:30:03 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009223 Traffic Hazard 07:20:35 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009224 Area Check 08:44:35 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009225 Found Property 08:54:04 L Peter NR

20-009226 Traffic Stop 09:21:26 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009227 Fish & Game Violation 09:29:26 L Peter NR

20-009228 Area Check 09:35:09 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009229 Traffic Stop 09:55:16 (Orcas Island) CLO

20-009230 Found Property 10:15:01 (San Juan Island) ACT

20-009231 Accident-HitRun 10:21:27 (Orcas Island) CLO

A deputy of Orcas Island was dispatched to an accident in Eastsound. The accident happened on private property and parties involved had exchanged information. An information report was filed.

20-009232 Parking Problem 11:12:43 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009233 Communications Problem 11:40:44 (Orcas Island) UNF

20-009234 Fraud 11:55:55 (San Juan Island) ACT

20-009235 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 12:37:44 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009236 Civil Problem 14:36:30 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009237 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 14:56:54 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009238 Traffic Violation 15:01:11 (San Juan Island) INA

20-009239 Trespassing 15:07:10 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009240 Fraud 15:10:06 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009241 Traffic Hazard 15:36:07 (San Juan Island) INA

20-009242 Traffic Stop 16:09:54 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009243 Traffic Stop 16:18:46 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009244 Traffic Stop 16:31:56 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009245 Civil Problem 16:57:26 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009246 Theft 18:06:10 (Orcas Island) ACT On 20, a Deputy on Orcas Island responded to a theft complaint. An investigation commenced.

20-009247 Overdose 18:16:18 (Orcas Island) INA

Deputies on Orcas Island, along with Orcas Fire and EMS personnel responded to a suicidal subject. The subject was transported to Peace Island Medical Center.

20-009248 Traffic Stop 18:52:09 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009250 Domestic Dispute or Assault 19:14:16 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009249 Traffic Stop 19:15:33 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009251 Traffic Stop 19:28:04 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009252 Traffic Stop 19:40:48 (San Juan Island) CIC

A San Juan Island Deputy stopped a vehicle for a defective brake light. The driver was issued an infraction for no proof of insurance, and warned for the defective taillight and no driver's license on his person.

20-009253 Traffic Stop 20:39:21 (San Juan Island) CIC

A San Juan Island deputy stopped a vehicle for traveling 45MPH in a posted 35MPH speed zone. The driver was issued an infraction for speed.

20-009254 Traffic Stop 21:02:14 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009255 Juvenile Problem 21:03:32 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009256 Traffic Stop 21:44:36 (San Juan Island) CIC

A San Juan Island deputy stopped a vehicle for traveling 61MPH in a posted 45MPH speed zone. The driver was issued an infraction for speed.

20-009257 Traffic Stop 22:38:56 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009258 Traffic Stop 22:46:30 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009259 Area Check 23:35:00 (San Juan Island) NR


20-009260 Abandoned Vehicle 03:56:06 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009261 Traffic Stop 08:45:04 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009262 Malicious Mischief 09:02:59 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez Island resident reported damage to a political sign that was caused by a vehicle driving off the roadway.

20-009263 Traffic Stop 09:07:47 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009264 Welfare Check 09:11:32 INA

20-009265 Traffic Hazard 09:33:09 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009266 Traffic Stop 09:43:25 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009267 Traffic Stop 09:49:08 (Orcas Island) CIC A deputy on Orcas Island conducted a traffic stop near Olga Road and Rosario Road. The driver was given an infraction for speeding, 40mph in a 25mph zone.

20-009268 Accident-HitRun 10:02:54 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009269 Traffic Stop 10:12:46 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009270 Welfare Check 10:40:22 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez Island deputy performed a welfare check after the involved persons friend became concerned for their well-being. All was well.

20-009271 Traffic Stop 12:05:17 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009272 Theft 12:12:32 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009273 Trouble Unknown 13:06:53 (Lopez Island) NR

20-009274 Traffic Hazard 13:20:45 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009275 Boating Problem 13:27:51 INA

20-009276 Civil Problem 13:29:09 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009277 Trespassing 14:30:29 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009278 Civil Problem 14:47:42 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009279 Malicious Mischief 14:58:24 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009280 Traffic Stop 15:27:13 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009281 Traffic Stop 15:52:27 (Lopez Island) NR

20-009282 Animal at Large 16:44:58 INA

20-009283 Traffic Violation 16:52:26 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009284 Theft 20:32:28 (Orcas Island) ACT

20-009285 Traffic Stop 20:43:45 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009286 Traffic Stop 21:11:22 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009287 Area Check 21:14:01 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009288 Area Check 21:26:50 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009289 Area Check 21:36:30 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009290 Traffic Stop 21:44:24 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009291 Traffic Stop 21:52:45 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009292 Traffic Stop 22:04:26 (San Juan Island) INA

A San Juan Island deputy stopped a vehicle for defective brake light. The driver was issued infractions for no valid license with ID and no insurance. The owner of the vehicle was issued an infraction for allowing an unauthorized minor to drive.

20-009293 Traffic Stop 22:17:18 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009294 Domestic Dispute or Assault 22:25:59 (San Juan Island) INA

San Juan Island Deputies responded to a fight disturbance between friends. One involved person agreed to leave to resolve the situation. A report was taken.

20-009295 Area Check 22:33:03 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009296 Traffic Stop 22:52:02 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009297 Area Check 23:06:00 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009298 Traffic Stop 23:22:30 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009299 Traffic Stop 23:24:50 (San Juan Island) CIC

A San Juan Island deputy stopped a vehicle for failing to illuminate lights when required. The driver was issued an infraction for no insurance. Multiple warnings were given as well.

20-009300 Traffic Stop 23:32:21 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009301 Sex Offense 23:36:39 (San Juan Island) UNF


20-009302 Traffic Stop 00:04:54 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009303 Area Check 00:29:20 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009304 Traffic Stop 01:01:26 (San Juan Island) CAA

A San Juan Island Deputy stopped a driver who was known to be DWLS 2nd Degree. The driver was arrested and booked for DWLS 2nd Degree and DUI.

20-009305 Area Check 07:40:12 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009306 Traffic Stop 10:09:30 (Orcas Island) CIC

A deputy on Orcas Island stopped a vehicle for speeding near Eastsound. The driver was issued and infraction for speeding.

20-009307 Welfare Check 10:56:51 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009308 Traffic Stop 11:02:36 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009309 Mental Health 11:22:44 (San Juan Island) ACT

20-009310 Civil Problem 11:58:21 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009311 Traffic Stop 12:32:30 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009312 Traffic Violation 12:40:45 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009313 Traffic Stop 12:49:53 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009314 Traffic Stop 13:00:28 (San Juan Island) ACT

20-009315 Traffic Stop 13:18:21 (Lopez Island) ACT

A Lopez Island deputy attempted to stop an unlicensed dirt bike being driven down Center Rd. The driver fled, leading the deputy on a short vehicle pursuit before the rider abandoned the dirt bike and fled on foot into the woods. A suspect is being sought on felony eluding charges.

20-009316 Area Check 13:29:22 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009317 Civil Problem 13:38:13 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009318 Domestic Dispute or Assault 14:30:47 (San Juan Island) INA

A deputy was dispatched to a Domestic in the Friday Harbor area. The deputies contacted the involved people. After interviewing those involved, the incident was found to be verbal only. Report taken.

20-009319 Traffic Violation 15:31:47 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009320 Fish & Game Violation 16:41:30 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009321 Noise Complaint /not dogs 17:40:21 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009322 Traffic Stop 17:58:12 (Lopez Island) NR

20-009323 Traffic Stop 18:25:23 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009324 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 18:40:17 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009325 Traffic Stop 18:56:37 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009326 Traffic Stop 19:53:06 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009327 Sick or Injured Animal 20:25:57 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009328 Traffic Stop 20:36:03 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009329 Area Check 21:11:33 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009330 Unsecure Premise 21:19:48 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009331 Area Check 21:28:49 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009332 Malicious Mischief 21:34:10 UNF

20-009333 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 21:40:01 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009334 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 21:49:16 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009335 Traffic Stop 22:25:19 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009336 Area Check 22:42:33 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009337 Area Check 22:52:13 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009338 Citizen Assist 23:01:33 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009339 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 23:14:42 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009340 Noise Complaint /not dogs 23:49:16 (Orcas Island) CLO

A Deputy on Orcas Island responded to a noise complaint. The property owner was issued a notice of infraction for violation of the San Juan County Noise Ordinance.


20-009341 Traffic Stop 00:45:47 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009342 Area Check 07:36:18 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009343 Area Check 07:49:59 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009344 Trouble Unknown 09:13:55 (San Juan Island) UNF

20-009345 Traffic Stop 09:31:33 (San Juan Island) ACT

20-009346 Area Check 09:39:52 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009347 Vicious Animal 10:50:12 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009348 Trouble Unknown 12:00:58 (Orcas Island) UNF

20-009349 Animal at Large 12:16:33 UNF

20-009350 Traffic Hazard 12:22:23 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009351 Traffic Hazard 12:43:44 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009352 Accident-NonInj 15:10:45 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez Island deputy took a report of a minor vehicle collision that had occurred on October 30 on private property.

20-009353 Animal Bite 15:43:53 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009358 Heart Problem 15:58:11 (Shaw Island) INA

Deputies transported the San Juan County Coroner to Shaw Island for a death investigation.

20-009354 Citizen Assist 16:15:43 (Lopez Island) NR

20-009355 Traffic Violation 16:20:47 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009356 Harassment 16:41:53 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009357 Accident-NonInj 17:05:58 (San Juan Island) CLO

A San Juan Island Deputy responded to a two-car minor collision in a business parking lot. The Deputy assisted with an exchange of information for the involved parties.

20-009359 Traffic Stop 17:34:31 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009360 Traffic Stop 17:46:41 (San Juan Island) CIC A San Juan Island Deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding and issued the driver an infraction for speeding - 40 MPH in a 25 MPH zone.

20-009361 Traffic Violation 17:58:27 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009362 Sick or Injured Animal 18:28:11 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009363 Trouble Unknown 18:46:43 (Lopez Island) NR

20-009364 Traffic Stop 19:06:28 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009365 Traffic Stop 19:41:02 (San Juan Island) CIC

A San Juan Island Deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding, expired vehicle registration, and a brake light out. The driver was issued an infraction for no proof of insurance.

20-009366 Traffic Stop 20:32:07 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009367 Traffic Stop 20:50:38 (San Juan Island) NR


20-009368 Traffic Hazard 00:36:44 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009369 Boating Problem 08:22:50 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009370 Citizen Dispute 08:33:53 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009371 Traffic Stop 09:25:17 (Orcas Island) CIC

A deputy on Orcas conducted a traffic stop near Eastsound. The driver was given an infraction for not wearing their seatbelt.

20-009372 Communications Problem 09:45:14 (San Juan Island) CLO

A Friday Harbor Deputy responded to a Communications call reported by a person in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office. After speaking with the reporting party it was found that no crime was committed and an informational report was made.

20-009375 Medical Emergency 09:58:51 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009373 Accident-HitRun 10:01:58 (San Juan Island) INA

Deputy responded to a delayed, walk-in report of a Hit & Run with damage to private property. The driver of the vehicle came back to the location and reported the damage to the property owner. Damages being settled by the involved parties and an informational report made.

20-009374 Citizen Assist 10:35:11 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009376 Accident-NonInj 10:42:56 (Orcas Island) CIC

A deputy on Orcas responded to an accident with no injury near Sea Acres. Photographs and a report were taken. The at fault driver was issued an infraction and released on scene and will be contacted by the courts for driving on a suspended license.

20-009377 Traffic Hazard 11:18:03 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009378 Traffic Stop 11:59:03 (San Juan Island) CLO

Warning for speed

20-009379 Vehicle Prowl 12:20:55 (Orcas Island) INA

A deputy on Orcas Island was dispatched to a callback of stolen plates near Eastsound. The plates have been entered as stolen and a report was taken. There are no suspects at this time.

20-009381 Citizen Dispute 12:53:59 (San Juan Island) ACT

20-009380 Found Property 12:56:18 (Lopez Island) INA

A hiker on Lopez Hill found an etched glass crystal along a trail and turned it over to a deputy hoping it can be reconnected with its rightful owner. The property was collected as found property pending identification and claim by the owner.

20-009382 Found Property 13:38:18 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez Island deputy was called to pick up a cell phone that had been found at the Lopez Ferry Terminal and had gone unclaimed. The owner was located and claimed the phone the following day.

20-009383 Trespassing 13:41:04 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009384 Trouble Unknown 13:53:26 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009385 Found Property 14:11:30 (San Juan Island) CLO

A Deputy responded to a found property call in Friday Harbor. The caller found a live shot gun round and wanted to turn it in to be disposed. The property was entered into the property room for disposal. Report made.

20-009386 Traffic Stop 16:09:23 11/02/20 (Lopez Island) NR

20-009387 Citizen Assist 16:47:16 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009388 Accident-HitRun 17:16:30 (Orcas Island) INA

Deputies responded, along with Orcas Fire and EMS personnel, to a reported injury accident. It was later determined a vehicle struck a parked vehicle and left the scene. The suspect vehicle and driver were not identified.

20-009389 Traffic Stop 18:13:08 (San Juan Island) CIC

20-009390 Sick or Injured Animal 18:14:33 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009391 Traffic Stop 18:48:34 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009392 Traffic Stop 19:13:17 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009393 Sick or Injured Animal 19:14:00 11/02/20 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009394 Area Check 19:25:04 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009395 Found Property 19:36:51 (San Juan Island) CLO

A citizen turned in found property to San Juan Deputies - a gift bag with two sweaters that she found in the library parking lot. The items were submitted into evidence as found property.

20-009396 Area Check 19:38:29 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009397 Traffic Stop 20:39:21 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009398 Court Order Violation 20:48:30 (Lopez Island) ACT

20-009399 Traffic Stop 21:16:48 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009400 Traffic Stop 21:39:00 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009401 Traffic Stop 22:07:30 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009402 Traffic Stop 22:20:57 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009403 Area Check 22:21:02 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009404 Area Check 22:30:45 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009405 Agency Assistance 22:45:14 (Orcas Island) NR


20-009406 Area Check 04:13:59 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009407 Sick or Injured Animal 07:24:08 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009408 Mental Health 07:41:52 (San Juan Island) CLO

A San Juan Deputy responded to a report of a person with alleged mental health issues. After an interesting and pleasant chat with the individual, it was determined that he was not a threat to himself or others at this time and the Deputy cleared the call. Informational report completed.

20-009409 Mental Health 09:41:05 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009410 Trouble Unknown 09:45:00 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez Island deputy was sent to a 9-1-1 hang up call. On arrival, no emergency was found. Phone issues are believed responsible. The customer was asked to have the phone company check/repair the lines.

20-009411 Accident-HitRun 10:09:38 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy responded to a report of an alleged Hit & Run in Friday Harbor. The information was gathered, there are no witnesses, no suspect information, & no workable leads. Report completed.

20-009412 Found Property 10:29:04 (San Juan Island) CLO

A Deputy responded to a walk-in report of a found pocketknife in Friday Harbor. An owner was unable to be located and the pocketknife was submitted into the property & evidence room per policy. Report made.

20-009413 Fraud 10:34:33 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy responded to a report of a Fraud where the reporting person was scammed out of money via an online fraud scam. There is no workable suspect information and the location from which the scam originated in unknown. Report completed for the person to give to their bank.

20-009414 Alarm 11:01:51 (San Juan Island) FAL

20-009415 Citizen Assist 11:30:19 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009416 Confidential 13:38:54 (San Juan Island) ACT

20-009417 Citizen Assist 14:08:03 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009418 Traffic Stop 15:48:44 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009419 Citizen Assist 16:18:12 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009420 VIN Inspection 16:47:25 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009421 Traffic Stop 17:14:10 (San Juan Island) CLO

20-009422 Citizen Assist 17:14:13 (Lopez Island) NR

20-009423 Assault - Body Force 18:57:38 (San Juan Island) ACT

20-009424 Area Check 19:48:47 (Orcas Island) NR

20-009425 Citizen Assist 19:55:13 (San Juan Island) NR

20-009426 Noise Complaint /not dogs 20:08:49 (Lopez Island) NR

20-009427 Noise Complaint /not dogs 22:04:54 (Lopez Island) NR


20-009428 Alarm 01:41:20 (San Juan Island) FAL

Total Incidents for This Report: 245

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