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San Juan Islands Sheriff's Log Oct. 27-Nov. 2: Uninvited ex, vandalism, car prowl, DUIs, tractor/vehicle collide...

San Juan County Deputies responded to 172 calls from  October 27 to November 2. On the lighter side: A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of a residential burglary. A subject went into the residence, ate food, took a shower and stole a rainbow unicorn costume. The suspect was located wearing the costume. It was returned to its owner who didn't want to press charges.

The disposition codes are: ACT- active; ALS-Advanced life support; BLS - Basic Life Support; CIC - citation issued; CLO - closed; FAL - false; INA - inactive; NR - no report; UNF - unfounded; GOA - gone on arrival; FTA - failure to appear.


21-009483 Civil Problem 09:01:44 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009484 Traffic Hazard 09:11:46 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009485 Traffic Stop 09:18:18 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009486 Heart Problem 10:48:31 (Lopez Island) NR Assist with aid call.

21-009487 Animal at Large 11:56:16 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009488 Animal at Large 12:30:38 (Lopez Island) NR

A Lopez Island deputy was called to check for a dog running at large. The dog had returned home before the deputy arrived in the area.

21-009489 Traffic Violation 12:47:03 (San Juan Island) CIC

A San Juan deputy responded to a report of a driver that passed a school bus with its red lights flashing. An infraction was mailed to the driver.

21-009490 Welfare Check 12:56:27 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009491 Unwanted Person 14:46:33 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009492 Citizen Assist 14:51:12 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009493 Patient Transfer 14:54:07 (Lopez Island) NR

Assist with aid call.

21-009494 Vehicle Theft 15:10:27 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009495 Citizen Assist 15:41:44 (Lopez Island) NR

21-009496 Illegal Fireworks 16:06:09 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009497 Citizen Assist 16:12:30 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009498 Vehicle Prowl 16:22:45 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of an attempted vehicle prowl. A vehicle was damaged when someone tried to make entry into it. A report was made as there are no workable leads or suspects at this time.

21-009499 Fraud 16:29:18 (San Juan Island) INA

An Orcas Island Deputy took a report of credit card fraud. There are no current investigative leads.

21-009500 Area Check 16:53:12 (Lopez Island) NR

21-009501 Burglary - Residential 17:30:49 (San Juan Island) ECV

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of a residential burglary. A subject went into the residence, ate food, took a shower and stole a rainbow unicorn costume. The suspect was located wearing the costume, and was returned to its owner. Caller declined to pursue matter criminally.

21-009502 Fraud 17:54:58 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009503 Malicious Mischief 18:02:59 (San Juan Island) INA

A San Juan Deputy responded to a vandalism complaint. Four juveniles were reported breaking items in the street from a "free" pile. The juveniles were located and identified and a report was completed.

21-009504 Traffic Violation 19:26:51 (Lopez Island) CIC

A Lopez Deputy stopped a vehicle speeding on Center Road. The driver was issued an infraction for traveling 47 miles per hour in a posted 35 mile per hour zone.

21-009505 Animal at Large 20:26:26 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009506 Trespassing 21:24:33 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009507 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 21:55:44 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009508 Trespassing 22:40:11 (San Juan Island) INA

A San Juan Deputy responded to a stalking complaint. The incident was investigated, but no evidence was found to support the allegation. An informational report was completed.


21-009510 Unwanted Person 07:57:12 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy responded to an unwanted person call in Friday Harbor. The caller stated his ex-girlfriend showed up from off island around 5 AM at the house he rents and is refusing to leave. The unwanted person was issued a trespass letter and left the location. Report made.

21-009509 Trespassing 08:01:12 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009511 Found Property 09:58:54 (San Juan Island) CLO

A Deputy responded to a found property call in Friday Harbor. The reporting party turned in a cell phone found on the street. An owner was unable to be located and the cell phone was entered into the property & Evidence Room per policy. Report made.

21-009512 Agency Assistance 10:10:41 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009513 Traffic Stop 10:35:01 (San Juan Island) CLO

21-009514 Agency Assistance 10:36:29 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009515 Welfare Check 11:33:32 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009516 Found Property 12:12:02 (San Juan Island) INA

A San Juan deputy responded to a report of found property. The property's owner was unable to be located and it was entered into evidence.

21-009518 Patient Transfer 13:01:03 (Lopez Island) NR

21-009517 Trouble Unknown 13:31:26 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009519 Citizen Assist 13:48:02 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009520 Welfare Check 14:45:31 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009521 DUI 14:59:37 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009522 Traffic Stop 15:13:32 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009523 Traffic Stop 15:18:39 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009524 Traffic Stop 15:23:52 (San Juan Island) CAA

An Orcas Island Deputy stopped a vehicle for speeding on Terrill Beach Road. The driver was subsequently cited for speeding 50 MPH in a 35 MPH zone and a report was sent to the prosecutor’s office for Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) 3rd.

21-009525 Traffic Stop 15:43:49 (San Juan Island) CLO

21-009526 Citizen Dispute 18:45:39 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009527 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 20:58:36 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009528 Citizen Dispute 21:52:51 (San Juan Island) NR


21-009529 Welfare Check 07:49:33 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009530 Sex Offense 08:25:13 (San Juan Island) ACT

A San Juan deputy received a request for assistance from CPS. The investigation is still ongoing.

21-009531 Citizen Assist 10:29:38 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009532 Parking Problem 11:00:56 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009533 Agency Assistance 11:38:25 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009534 Fraud 12:15:37 (San Juan Island) CLO

An Orcas Island Deputy conducted a fraud investigation on the 200 block of Rossel Ln. An incident report was authored.

21-009535 Citizen Assist 13:15:59 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009536 Welfare Check 13:54:01 (San Juan Island) INA

San Juan deputies responded to a report of a welfare check. Deputies entered the residence and found the occupant deceased. The death appears to be a suicide.

21-009537 Accident-NonInj 14:13:09 (Lopez Island) CIC

A Lopez deputy responded to a minor collision between vehicle and a tractor. A report was completed.

21-009538 Animal at Large 14:14:39 NR

21-009539 Unwanted Person 14:18:24 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009540 Citizen Assist 15:03:02 (Orcas Island) ACT

21-009541 Area Check 15:30:20 (San Juan Island) ACT

21-009542 Litter/Pollution/Public Health 15:47:06 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009543 Trouble Unknown 15:56:15 NR

21-009544 Juvenile Problem 16:00:15 (Orcas Island) ACT

21-009545 Kidnapping 16:15:07 (San Juan Island) INA

A San Juan deputy was advised of a reported kidnapping. Investigation revealed the incident was a custody dispute and no crime was reported.

21-009546 Area Check 16:39:13 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009547 Citizen Assist 16:40:06 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009548 Communications Problem 16:48:22 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez Island Deputy investigated a telephone harassment complaint. The suspect number belonged to a person who admitted to using profanity when he called a number back that was identified as scam caller on his phone. It was determined no formal enforcement action was required.

21-009549 Abandoned Vehicle 17:35:08 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009550 Unwanted Person 17:50:01 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009551 Assault - Aggravated 18:59:24 (San Juan Island) CAA

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to an assault in progress. The fled the scene and the incident was investigated. The suspect was later identified and probable cause was forwarded to the prosecutor's office for charging decision.

21-009552 Traffic Violation 19:08:25 (San Juan Island) CAA

A San Juan deputy stopped a vehicle as the owner had a revoked driver's license. The driver was cited for DWLS 1st degree and operating a motor vehicle without an ignition interlock device. An infraction was issued for no insurance.

21-009553 Traffic Hazard 19:52:39 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009554 Domestic Dispute or Assault 19:59:27 (San Juan Island) CAA

San Juan deputies responded to a report of a domestic assault. One person was arrested for assault 2 - DV and assault 4 - DV and was booked into the San Juan County Jail.

21-009555 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 20:15:42 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009556 Mental Health 20:37:48 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009557 Traffic Hazard 20:44:44 (San Juan Island) CLO

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle blocking Miller Rd. The registered owner will be issued an infraction for leaving an unattended vehicle on the roadway.

21-009558 Threats 21:21:39 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009559 Overdose 21:36:22 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a report of an overdose. The subject declined help and appeared to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Due to small children in the residence a report was sent to CPS.

21-009560 Accident-NonInj 22:08:02 (San Juan Island) CAA

A Deputy on San Juan Island came upon a single vehicle collision on Egg Lake Rd. The driver was arrested for DUI and issued an infraction for driving with wheels off roadway.


21-009561 Accident-NonInj 07:51:18 (Lopez Island) ACT

A Lopez Island deputy was sent to investigate an unattended overnight single vehicle rollover crash. The owner of the car was contacted at home. He was uninjured and reported that he swerved to avoid a deer. He removed the vehicle later in the day. A report was completed.

21-009562 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 08:28:14 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009563 Alarm 08:42:29 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009564 Area Check 08:52:44 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009565 Traffic Violation 09:15:51 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009566 Traffic Hazard 09:23:18 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009567 Alarm 10:17:27 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009568 Fraud 10:32:11 (San Juan Island) INA

A deputy took a report of Fraud. No suspect information exists, and the reporting party's bank was in the process of refunding the lost funds. The incident was documented.

21-009569 Trouble Unknown 10:52:48 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009570 Citizen Assist 11:14:28 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009571 Citizen Assist 11:30:23 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009572 Traffic Violation 11:37:02 (Lopez Island) NR Warning for speed

21-009573 Harassment 12:07:01 (San Juan Island) INA

A San Juan Deputy took a telephone complaint of harassment. A report was filed.

21-009574 Citizen Assist 12:13:13 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009575 Agency Assistance 12:21:20 UNF

21-009576 Traffic Violation 13:30:42 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009577 Citizen Dispute 13:51:53 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009578 Traffic Violation 14:11:20 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009579 Traffic Hazard 14:14:34 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009580 Traffic Violation 14:50:51 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009581 Traffic Violation 15:00:16 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009583 Citizen Assist 15:36:47 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009582 Found Property 15:37:12 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009584 Citizen Assist 16:51:59 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009585 Alarm 17:54:30 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009586 Traffic Hazard 18:22:39 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009587 Alarm 18:23:57 NR

21-009588 Area Check 18:41:26 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009589 Traffic Violation 20:19:25 (Orcas Island) CIC

A Deputy on Orcas Island conducted a traffic stop. The driver was issued a notice of infraction for speeding, 44 miles per hour in a 25 miles per hour zone.

21-009590 Traffic Violation 20:32:40 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009591 Traffic Violation 21:47:20 (Orcas Island) CIC

A Deputy on Orcas Island conducted a traffic stop. The driver was issued a notice of infraction for speeding, 50 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone.

21-009592 Citizen Assist 21:57:26 (Lopez Island) INA

Lopez Deputies responded to a citizen assist. Deputies provided a courtesy battery jump to a dead vehicle.

21-009593 Citizen Assist 22:34:16 (San Juan Island) NR


21-009594 Traffic Hazard 07:44:20 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009595 Burn Investigation 09:25:38 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009597 Civil Problem 10:10:09 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009596 Traffic Violation 10:12:13 (Lopez Island) NR

Warning for speed, fail to carry DL

21-009598 Area Check 10:25:32 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009599 Assault - Body Force 10:43:47 (San Juan Island) INA

A deputy received a report of a cold assault. The incident described involved no physical contact, and the RP requested information on how to obtain an order barring contact with the other involved party. The RP was advised and a report was generated.

21-009600 Abandoned Vehicle 11:46:12 (San Juan Island) CLO

An Orcas Island Deputy responded to an abandoned vehicle on the 100 block of Orion Ln. The vehicle in question was blocking the public roadway/cul-de-sac and was subsequently towed.

21-009601 Malicious Mischief 12:27:08 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009602 Traffic Violation 14:00:07 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009603 Traffic Violation 14:44:14 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009604 Animal at Large 15:52:55 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009605 Accident-Injury, Traffic 16:12:14 (San Juan Island) INA

A San Juan Deputy responded to a solo rollover vehicle collision on a private road. Two occupants of the involved car were uninjured and a report was completed.

21-009606 Death Investigation 16:14:50 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009607 Trauma ALS 16:58:20 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009608 Harassment 17:22:57 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009609 Animal at Large 19:18:36 CLO

21-009610 VIN Inspection 19:28:45 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009611 Juvenile Problem 19:56:38 (San Juan Island) CIC

A Deputy on San Juan Island observed a juvenile smoking a cigarette. The juvenile was issued an infraction for possessing tobacco.

21-009612 Traffic Violation 20:40:56 (Lopez Island) INA

21-009613 Alarm 21:08:43 (San Juan Island) FAL

21-009614 Parking Problem 22:21:43 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009615 Traffic Hazard 22:24:18 (Orcas Island) NR


21-009616 Alarm 07:35:17 (San Juan Island) UNF

21-009617 Traffic Violation 08:21:10 (Lopez Island) NR

Warning for speeding in school zone

21-009618 Abandoned Vehicle 08:47:23 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009619 Traffic Violation 09:02:40 (Lopez Island) NR

warning for speed

21-009620 Traffic Violation 09:45:48 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009621 Agency Assistance 09:58:58 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009622 Animal at Large 10:01:11 (Lopez Island) NR

21-009623 Area Check 10:39:30 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009624 Confidential 11:07:37 (Lopez Island) ACT

21-009625 Citizen Assist 11:53:47 UNF

21-009626 Found Property 12:00:49 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009627 Found Property 12:42:39 (San Juan Island) NR

A San Juan deputy responded to a report of found property. The owner was located and the property was returned.

21-009628 Found Property 13:15:12 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009629 Trespassing 13:21:26 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009630 Agency Assistance 13:30:23 (Lopez Island) NR 

A Lopez Island deputy was called to assist another agency with a home visit.

21-009631 Alarm 14:36:21 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009632 Agency Assistance 15:17:07 (San Juan Island) INA 

A San Juan deputy responded to a report of an agency assist. The incident was documented.

21-009633 Fraud 16:04:55 (San Juan Island) NR

A Deputy on San Juan Island took a report of fraudulent activity. The caller stated she received a possible scam call but did not provide much information. The caller was advised to watch their personal information.

21-009634 Sick or Injured Animal 17:23:10 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009635 Unwanted Person 17:32:06 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009636 Traffic Violation 17:45:02 (Lopez Island) INA

21-009637 Court Order Violation 18:07:19 (San Juan Island) ACT

21-009638 Weapons Noise 18:55:54 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009639 Citizen Assist 19:56:57 (San Juan Island) NR


21-009640 Accident-Injury, Traffic 08:29:37 (Orcas Island) CLO

A deputy on Orcas responded to a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Mt. Baker Road and North Beach Road. The at-fault driver was issued an infraction for failing to yield at the intersection. No parties were injured and a report was taken.

21-009642 Unwanted Person 10:39:13 (San Juan Island) CLO

A San Juan Deputy responded to an in-progress disturbance at a residence. Peace was restored and no crime was found to have happened. The deputy stood by until one of the parties voluntarily left. An informational report was taken.

21-009643 Trouble Unknown 11:46:57 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009644 Citizen Assist 12:02:08 (Orcas Island) NR

21-009645 Citizen Assist 12:07:04 (Lopez Island) NR

21-009646 Traffic Violation 13:12:26 (Lopez Island) NR

21-009647 Animal at Large 15:46:31 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009648 Traffic Violation 16:01:08 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009649 Abandoned Vehicle 16:19:02 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009650 Traffic Hazard 16:49:45 (Lopez Island) NR

A Lopez Deputy responded to a fallen tree on Davis Bay Road. When the Deputy arrived on the scene; the tree had already been cleared off the road.

21-009651 Citizen Assist 18:07:15 (San Juan Island) NR

21-009652 Fraud 19:02:39 (San Juan Island) ACT

21-009653 Harassment 19:09:31 (San Juan Island) ACT

21-009654 Traffic Hazard 21:58:01 NR


21-009655 Noise Complaint /not dogs 01:50:38 CLO

Total Incidents for This Report: 172

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