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Sheriff's Log San Juan Islands May 8-14: Threats, dog bite, speeding

San Juan County Deputies responded to 167 calls from May 8-14, 2024 including: A Lopez Deputy responded to a report of a dog bite that had occurred a week prior to the time of reporting. An individual walking by a vehicle stuck their hand inside an open window to pet a dog. The dog bit the individual. A Deputy on San Juan Island took a report of an individual receiving threatening text messages. The reporting party wanted to have the escalating behavior documented. An Orcas Island deputy began an investigation into a threats complaint involving juveniles at a local school district. The case is under further investigation.

The disposition codes are: ACT- active; ALS-Advanced life support; BLS - Basic Life Support; CIC - citation issued; CLO - closed; FAL - false; INA - inactive; NR - no report; UNF - unfounded; GOA - gone on arrival; FTA - failure to appear.


24-002652 Accident-NonInj 07:21:49 (San Juan Island) INA

24-002653 Accident-HitRun 08:40:20 (Lopez Island) ACT

24-002654 Vicious Animal 09:07:32 (San Juan Island) UNF

24-002655 Traffic Violation 09:56:49 ( Orcas Island) NR

24-002656 Threats 10:33:59 ( Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez Deputy received a referral case from Juvenile Services.

24-002657 Welfare Check 11:36:00 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002658 Theft 11:39:07 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002659 Trespassing 11:46:10 ( Orcas Island) CAA

At approximately 11:46 hours, a deputy responded to a trespassing call at Island Market 469 Market St.

24-002660 Citizen Assist 11:47:49 ( Orcas Island) NR

24-002661 Weapon Safekeeping 12:43:34 (Orcas Island) INA

A deputy responded to a request to retrieve a firearm from a home of a deceased person on Orcas Island. The requestor was the executor of the last will and testament. The rifle was recovered and secured.

24-002662 Animal at Large 16:07:16 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002663 Wanted Person 16:19:04 (Lopez Island) NR

24-002664 Traffic Violation 17:15:37 (Lopez Island) NR

24-002665 Traffic Violation 17:32:30 (Lopez Island) NR

24-002666 Missing Person 17:39:28 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002667 Citizen Assist 17:40:30 (Orcas Island) INA

24-002668 Threats 17:48:56 (Orcas Island) INA

A deputy began an investigation into a threats complaint involving juveniles at a local school district. The case is under further investigation.

24-002669 Boating Problem 18:16:54 ACT

24-002670 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 18:22:58 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002671 DUI 18:44:21 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002672 Mental Health 19:39:05 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002673 Trouble Unknown 19:50:39 ( Lopez Island) NR

24-002674 Agency Assistance 20:24:33 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002675 Traffic Violation 23:08:35 (San Juan Island) CAA

A Deputy on San Juan conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. No occupant of the vehicle had a valid drivers license. The driver was issued an infraction for no valid license w/ID. A passenger who is the registered owner was issued a criminal citation for allowing an unauthorized person to drive.


24-002676 Trespassing 01:04:47 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002677 Welfare Check 06:09:17 (Lopez Island) INA

24-002678 Threats 08:31:49 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002679 Parking Problem 08:53:22 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002680 Citizen Assist 09:48:05 (San Juan Island) CLO

24-002681 Citizen Assist 09:54:34 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002682 Animal Bite 10:11:55 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez Deputy responded to a report of a dog bite that had occurred a week prior to the time of reporting. An individual walking by a vehicle stuck their hand inside an open window to pet a dog. The dog bit the individual. The incident was documented.

24-002683 Trespassing 10:12:47 ( Lopez Island) NR

24-002684 Animal at Large 10:44:05 (San Juan Island) CIC

A San Juan Island man, after numerous times trying to work with him, was given an infraction for allowing his dog to wander the neighborhood. This is the first infraction given to this individual.

24-002685 Harassment 12:46:07 (San Juan Island) ACT

24-002686 Lost Property 13:23:17 (San Juan Island) CLO

24-002687 Civil Problem 13:47:36 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002688 Citizen Assist 14:09:59 (San Juan Island) CLO

24-002689 Welfare Check 14:10:19 (Lopez Island) INA

Lopez Island Deputies were dispatched to a Warfare Check. An individual was contacted, and a report was taken.

24-002690 Animal at Large 14:26:38 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002691 Controlled Substance Problem 14:50:12 (San Juan Island) CLO

24-002692 Animal at Large 15:37:59 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002693 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 15:55:52 (San Juan Island) CLO

24-002694 Animal at Large 16:15:14 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002695 Assault - Body Force 16:26:33 (Orcas Island) INA

An Orcas Island Deputy responded to the 7000 block of Olga Rd. for a citizen dispute. Involved parties argued over a parking space. Neither party involved wanted any law enforcement action taken. A report documenting the incident was authored.

24-002696 Animal at Large 16:30:16 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002697 Welfare Check 17:10:42 (Lopez Island) NR

24-002698 Theft 17:11:12 (San Juan Island) CJA

A Deputy on San Juan Island received a report of a theft. The Deputy identified the juvenile and a report was forwarded to the prosecutors office.

24-002699 Welfare Check 17:25:20 (Lopez Island) NR

24-002700 Trouble Unknown 18:11:22 NR

24-002701 Welfare Check 18:14:33 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002702 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 18:17:57 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002703 Traffic Violation 18:24:50 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002704 Alarm 20:40:31 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002705 Disorderly Conduct 23:18:12 (San Juan Island) NR

A Deputy on San Juan Island received a report of a disorderly conduct. The Deputy contacted an intoxicated male that had left a local bar who had been yelling. The Deputy did not observe any criminal law violations, but did assist a couple citizens by giving them a ride to a local hotel.

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2024

24-002706 Found Property 06:28:26 ( Orcas Island) NR

24-002707 Traffic Violation 07:45:13 (Lopez Island) CIC

A driver on Lopez was issued an infraction for speeding, 61 mph in a 35 mph zone on Center Road.

24-002708 Citizen Assist 09:38:04 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002709 Animal at Large 11:11:05 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002710 Theft 11:35:03 (Orcas Island) UNF

24-002711 Traffic Hazard 11:56:35 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002712 Civil Problem 12:42:32 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002713 Trouble Unknown 13:18:40 INA

24-002714 Found Property 13:37:23 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002715 Traffic Violation 14:19:58 (Lopez Island) INA

24-002716 Trouble Unknown 14:47:43 INA

24-002717 Alarm 15:19:35 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002718 Traffic Violation 16:38:31 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002719 Accident-HitRun 16:40:54 (San Juan Island) CAA

24-002720 Traffic Violation 17:00:16 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002721 Welfare Check 18:35:33 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002722 Trespassing 21:17:59 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002723 Welfare Check 21:53:18 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002724 Suspicious Person/Circumstance 22:53:16 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002725 Parking Problem 23:17:17 (Orcas Island) NR

SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2024

24-002726 Animal at Large 06:35:45 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002727 Noise Complaint /not dogs 06:43:39 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002728 Lost Property 07:31:48 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002729 Traffic Hazard 08:21:09 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002730 Vicious Animal 08:27:45 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002731 Found Property 09:03:13 (Lopez Island) INA

24-002732 Agency Assistance 10:08:41 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002733 Traffic Hazard 10:12:52 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002734 Traffic Hazard 11:13:51 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002735 Civil Problem 11:32:40 (San Juan Island) CLO

24-002736 Parking Problem 11:46:23 (Lopez Island) CIC

A vehicle on Lopez was ticketed for disregarding the clearly posted parallel parking only sign and impeding access to the rest of the parking lot.

24-002737 Animal at Large 12:08:46 UNF

24-002738 Boating Problem 12:39:52 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002739 Citizen Assist 12:46:11 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002740 Malicious Mischief 14:28:24 (Lopez Island) ACT

24-002741 DUI 15:06:21 (Orcas Island) CAA

A deputy responded to a report of an erratic driver on Orcas Island. Further investigation revealed probable cause to believe the driver was impaired, potentially from prescription drugs. The driver was arrested and processed for driving under the influence.

Sheriff Eric Peter posted details on Facebook: San Juan County Sheriff Office received a call from an Orcas Island community member who witnessed an elderly male on orcas driving towards the ferry, looking confused, and possibly having a medical emergency.
Our Orcas Deputy team located the vehicle at the ferry landing and immediately called for EMS to respond. EMS evaluated the male, a determination was made that he was indeed having a medical emergency, and he was quickly flown off island for medical treatment.
Kudos to the alertness of one of our community members and the actions of our Orcas Deputy team working together to get one of our fellow community members the help he needed. What a great example of the community and the SJCSO working together to help our community. - Eric Peter- Sheriff

24-002742 Citizen Assist 15:15:05 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002743 Traffic Violation 16:01:40 (Lopez Island) INA

24-002744 Welfare Check 17:31:42 (Lopez Island) NR

24-002745 Sick or Injured Animal 17:32:16 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002746 Welfare Check 17:43:21 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002747 Illegal Burning 17:49:28 (Lopez Island) UNF

24-002748 Vicious Animal 18:28:43 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002749 Citizen Assist 18:45:44 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002750 Juvenile Problem 19:43:02 (San Juan Island) ACT

24-002751 Alarm 20:14:50 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002752 Theft 21:42:26 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002753 Animal Noise 22:03:56 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002754 Vicious Animal 22:55:00 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002755 Weapons Noise 23:37:11 (Lopez Island) NR

SUNDAY, MAY 12, 2024

24-002756 Trouble Unknown 01:16:31 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002757 Traffic Violation 11:16:02 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002758 Vehicle Theft 12:14:33 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002759 Parking Problem 12:16:19 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002760 Animal Bite 12:17:06 (San Juan Island) UNF

24-002761 Vehicle Prowl 12:49:10 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002762 Agency Assistance 13:57:17 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002763 Theft 14:00:35 (San Juan Island) ACT

24-002764 Traffic Violation 14:17:22 (Orcas Island) CIC

A deputy on Orcas conducted a traffic stop in Eastsound. The driver was given a warning for expired registration and an infraction for failure to stop at a stop sign/intersection.

24-002765 Animal at Large 15:23:31 (San Juan Island) CIC

24-002766 Citizen Assist 16:09:11 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002767 Trauma ALS 16:24:02 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002768 Animal at Large 16:39:29 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002769 Welfare Check 17:26:56 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002771 Boating Problem 17:40:09 (Lopez Island) NR

24-002770 DUI 17:41:06 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002772 Animal at Large 17:52:31 (Orcas Island) INA

24-002773 Animal at Large 18:17:44 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002774 Animal Noise 21:07:55 (San Juan Island) NR

MONDAY, MAY 13, 2024

24-002775 Sick or Injured Animal 07:23:58 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002776 Traffic Violation 07:46:08 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002777 Citizen Assist 11:09:31 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002778 Welfare Check 11:15:08 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002779 Abandoned Vehicle 11:30:53 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002780 Vehicle Theft 11:35:18 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002781 Noise Complaint /not dogs 12:06:05 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002782 Prowler 12:23:57 (Lopez Island) ACT

24-002783 Mental Health 13:27:29 (Lopez Island) INA

A Lopez deputy assisted a person in crisis by connecting them with mental health resources.

24-002784 Parking Problem 13:41:52 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002785 Civil Problem 14:12:23 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002786 Trouble Unknown 14:34:05 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002787 Accident-NonInj 14:40:51 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002788 Welfare Check 15:06:41 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002789 Harassment 15:13:38 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy on San Juan Island took a report of an individual receiving threatening text messages. The reporting party wanted to have the escalating behavior documented. A report was completed

24-002790 Traffic Violation 15:16:18 (Lopez Island) CIC

A Lopez Island Deputy stopped a vehicle for speed on Fisherman Bay Road. The driver was subsequently issued an infraction for expired registration and given a verbal warning for speed and not having his license on person.

24-002791 Traffic Violation 15:37:14 (Lopez Island) NR

24-002792 Animal at Large 17:14:28 (Lopez Island) NR

24-002793 Harassment 17:45:52 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002794 Domestic Dispute or Assault 17:56:36 (Orcas Island) CAA

Orcas Island deputies responded to Aprils Grove for a report of a Domestic Violence incident. An investigation was conducted. One of the involved parties was arrested and booked into jail for Assault in the 4th Degree/Domestic Violence.

TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2024

24-002795 Traffic Hazard 06:16:56 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002796 Found Property 07:24:46 INA

24-002797 Fraud 08:17:37 (San Juan Island) INA

24-002798 Citizen Assist 09:54:10 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002799 Welfare Check 10:35:09 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002800 Welfare Check 11:59:51 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002801 Traffic Violation 12:25:02 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002802 Parking Problem 12:58:55 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002803 Boating Problem 13:04:45 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002804 Theft 13:32:19 (Lopez Island) INA

24-002805 Welfare Check 14:38:39 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002806 Traffic Violation 15:35:32 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002807 Welfare Check 15:44:13 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002808 Welfare Check 16:11:30 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002809 Accident-NonInj 16:18:32 (San Juan Island) INA

A Deputy on San Juan Island responded to a non-injury accident. A driver had went off the roadway into a ditch after trying to swat a bee away from them while driving. Island Towing removed the vehicle from the ditch, and the vehicle was still drivable. A report was completed.

24-002810 Confidential 17:08:04 (San Juan Island) ACT

24-002811 Trouble Unknown 17:37:24 NR

24-002812 Traffic Violation 18:03:24 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002813 Agency Assistance 18:35:42 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002814 Parking Problem 19:28:58 (San Juan Island) NR

24-002815 Traffic Hazard 20:10:06 (San Juan Island) UNF

24-002816 Citizen Assist 21:31:56 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002817 Traffic Violation 21:49:00 (Orcas Island) NR

24-002818 Alarm 22:39:46 (Orcas Island) CLO

Total Incidents for This Report: 167

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