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San Juan Island NHP needs help finding vandals who damaged park

Vandals and thieves have damaged San Juan Island National Historical Park this past week. Park staff are asking anyone who has information about these activities to contact San Juan County Sheriff's Office at 360.378.4151.

Recently people stole over 50 feet of split rail fence from the road to the American Camp Visitor Center. This fencing is not decorative but is designed to give visitors a sense of what areas of the park are designated for public recreation and what areas are sensitive resources where plants and animals are protected from human encounters. Additionally, in the past few days, vandals have recently damaged signage at Jakle’s Lagoon Trailhead and also attempted to break into park storage facilities.

The fence will cost 600 dollars to replace. That money comes out of the Park's budget, impacting the ability to create interpretive programs, offer group tours, keep the visitor centers open, clean public facilities and protect and maintain imperiled ecosystems.

As a result of previous incidents, the NPS has installed game cameras in areas susceptible to vandalism and theft and will continue to install more. They hope to catch the perpetrators and prevent future destruction of the American people’s property.

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  • Chris Sly-Prochnow Friday, 30 September 2022 07:47 Comment Link Report

    Having lived here full time since 1992 it's quite disheartening to experience how the attitude of the island has changed...not necessarily for the better.

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