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Mike MacLellan 2015 San Juan Island Firefighter of the Year

The San Juan Island Fire Department recently held its annual awards ceremony. The banquet, held on the UW Labs campus was presented by the Department and the San Juan Island Firefighters’ Association (which is supported by the Friday Harbor Firefighters' Thrift House). This year's honorees were:

Firefighter of the Year - Mike MacLellan who has been an active member of the department since 2010. He responds reliably, trains regularly, and always helps with public education and community events.

Officer of the Year - Kurt Long who manages training and operation of the fire boat Sentinel, and serves as Station Officer at the Brown Island station.

Rookie of the Year - Nicolas Wainwright who responded to more calls than anyone else in the organization and helps with the recruit class and ongoing training.

Driver Operator of the Year - John Miller who is a dedicated responder and active in the Driver Operator Program.

Support Volunteer of the Year - Peggy Long who serves as a wildland firefighter and member of the Logistics team, frequently coordinating food service operations for training events and fire responses.

Congratulations to the Best of the Best!!

Photo of Mike MacLellan courtesy of SJIFD

**San Juan Island Fire & Rescue welcomes all interested men and women ages 16 years and above to drop by the Mullis Street Station and make an appointment to see what we are all about. We offer some fun ancillary positions. Look on line at www.sjifire.org for lots of good information. Or you could view our Face book page: San Juan Island Fire & Rescue. Call is (360)378-5334. We would be pleased to talk with you.

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