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Video reminder to drive safely in construction zones

Work zone safety affects every one of us. This summer especially, there are many construction projects on the mainland and in Friday Harbor.

Washington State Department of Transportation put together a video  to show just how quickly a moment’s inattention or distraction can have disastrous results. The video, featuring several of WSDOT's  own maintenance workers, is a scenario workers and contractors see on a regular basis. The video is posted at the end of this article and can also be viewed on Youtube


All drivers are asked to follow these four guidelines when they’re near a work zone:

· Slow Down – drive the posted speeds, they’re there for your safety

· Be Kind – the workers are helping to improve the roadway for all drivers

· Pay Attention – to workers directing you and surrounding traffic; do not use phones or other devices while driving

· Stay Calm – expect delays, leave early and take alternate routes if possible; no meeting or appointment is work risking lives



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