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Better access for all at Jacksons Beach provided by trio of Friday Harbor students

Wonder what's going on at Jacksons Beach? You might have noticed some changes recently such as better wheelchair access.

Zach Crichton, who uses a wheelchair, knew from personal experience how difficult it was to park, unload and traverse the path. The Friday Harbor High School student decided improving the access would be a good project for the Community Project Class.  Fellow students Kenny Hallock and Kevin Soto joined him on the project.  With the help of  a team of mentors and volunteers, the trio has finished the project.

Zach Crichton

Kenny Hallock and Kevin Soto

With support from the Port of Friday Harbor, UW Friday Harbor Labs,  Richard Lawson Construction, Mike Carlson Enterprises, Friday Harbor Electric, Printonyx, San Juan County Public Works and of course their families, friends and mentors,  the students  have done more than improve wheelchair access. They created dedicated and signed handicapped parking places at the north end of the beach, an unloading zone which connects to a 100- ft compacted gravel path to a view spot with driftwood benches for those not in wheelchairs.

During the project, Crichton researched other beaches on the island  and created the logo for ‘Accessibility for All, San Juan Island’.

The boys hope many more people will be able to get out and enjoy the beach. For more information on the project please email zacherycrichton@sjisd.org or call 360 378-8238.

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