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Invitation to Gathering of the Eagles Canoe Encampment and Potlatch Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Islands


Dear Islander Friends,

Now’t Si’am (hello friends/relatives). My Indian name is Sul ka dub, aka: Freddie Lane. I’m an enrolled citizen of the Lummi Nation, born and raised on the Lummi Indian Reservation west of Bellingham.

It was great to meet everyone last year when the Red Road to DC totem journey passed thru the Islands last May. We wanna say ‘Hyshqe’ (thank you) to all the support and prayers we encountered on our visit and hope that our latest endeavour inspires you to participate.

We welcome you to the Gathering of the Eagles canoe encampment (aka: Lhaq’temish Days) organized by Sul ka dub and family in the Spirit of the potlatch.

Our grass roots journey will take us thru the Lhaq’temish traditional territories of Lopez, San Juan and Orcas Islands, traveling our ancestral highways beginning 5.22.22 (Sunday, May 22, 2022). Our Motto is: Moving forward in hope, healing, honor, happiness and hospitality.

We’re expecting a dozen indigenous canoe families from Maui HI, Portland OR, Seattle and the Salish Sea beginning May 22nd thru May 26th. The Gathering of the Eagles will conclude with a Friday afternoon landing on the mainland at the Lummi Stommish grounds. We will celebrate with our songs and dances in the Hope of inspiring the next generation of community building & organizing.

Because we can’t do this alone, we’re inviting you to participate in your own way with your host committees on each island. As a member of the Golden Eagle Clan, I, Sul ka dub (Freddie Lane) and our grass roots host committee plan on providing a Healing and Happy opportunity for cultural exchange, trade and traditional storytelling in the Spirit of our ancestors. Hy shqe Si’am (thank you).


Sul ka dub (Freddie Lane)

Gathering of the Eagles


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