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San Juan Islands Sculpture Park partners plant 6 Giant Sequoias and 14 Coast Redwoods

PropagationNation and the San Juan Islands Sculpture Park (SJISP) have joined forces to plant six Giant Sequoias and 14 Coast Redwoods at the sculpture park for future generations to watch grow and enjoy the beauty of these historic trees.

The Sequoias are now about 3’ tall and the Redwoods are 4 to 5' tall, they are all beautiful. The Sequoias were started from seedlings and the Redwoods were cloned from the largest and healthiest trees available ensuring that these new ones will be an amazing addition to the park and our environment.

The Sculpture Park and Nature Preserve is now a repository of some critical genetic information that will not only enhance the beauty of the Park, but also be able to create an extended habitat to mitigate against the daunting climate challenges facing these unique tree species.

We would like to thank Philip Stielstra, President of PropagationNation, whose vision as a champion of Redwoods and Sequoias made the planting at the Park possible, and Bob Barnes, whose knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm turns little seedlings into the beautiful specimens now spreading their roots at the Park. Also a shout out to Ted Lagreid for taking the lead on this project after a visit to the SJISP and bringing the trees plus family and volunteers to help plant them.

We look forward to planting more of these magnificent trees in the coming years. We have created a wonderful partnership between our two organizations and a special relationship with the natural world.

We encourage visitors to come and take their photos with the new trees and then visit often and compare their photos with the growth of our trees. These trees can grow up to 3’ annually so grab your camera and start documenting your family, friends and the beauty of the park with new trees.

San Juan Islands Sculpture Park is located next to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island. 


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