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Jan. 17 and 24: No-Sew Workshop at the ReMakery on Lopez Island


The Lopez ReMakery is offering two free no-sew workshops in January to learn how to make household cleaning items from old textiles you would normally throw away. The workshops are from 5 to 7 pm on January 17 and 24. RSVP is optional.

Show up and get your free shop rags.

We have a limited supply of textiles for shop rags and can also show you how to make them from old t-shirts and towels. Bring any old worn or stained tees to cut up, or old towels to make bar mops.

You can also learn how to make wool scrubbies for hand washing dishes. They work surprisingly well and aren't made from plastic! We have a limited supply of fabric, so if you can bring your own it is appreciated (what you want to use is thick wool such as dryer felted blankets, or an old blanket. Must be wool).

We'll also learn to make Wool dryer balls from old sweaters. We will provide a handout and start the process of making them but you'll finish them at home with the use of a tumble dryer. We will provide old nylons material to aid in making these. You will need to bring an old sweater or wool knit item to cut up. Works best if it's not shrunken wool as the process felts together when the wool is in its "normal" state. Can be stained or mothholed. We want to make trash into treasure

We'll also offer some mending services for small mends such as button sewing. We are able to assist you with improving your mending skills as well.
contact us at lopezremakery@gmail.com

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