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5 tips to help determine if photo is a fake generated by AI

An article by Washington Post reporter Heather Kelly, How to avoid falling for misinformation, fake AI images on social media, contains helpful information about determining if a photo is a fake generated through artificial intelligence. 

Here are five tips: 

Look at the hands. AI software has a history of generating human hands with too many fingers or other oddities, though the technology is getting better fast. 

Zoom in on any inanimate objects in the image to see if they feel off. Focus on items in an image like eyeglasses, fences or bicycles and see if they have any telltale flaws. 

If you’re wondering if an image is made by AI, look for writing on objects like street signs or billboards and see if it’s backward or nonsensical. 

Scan the background. AI-generated images may have blurry or distorted details, particularly in the background. 

Check if the images are overly glossy or artistic-looking. Some AI-generated images of real people appear garishly stylized or depict people with plastic-looking faces. 

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