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Unveiling Made in the San Juans: New online showcase of Island makers and products

New online showcase of Island makers and products is your passport to artisan excellence in the San Juan Islands

Friday Harbor, Wash. … MadeintheSanJuans.com is a new website that serves as a gateway to distinctive products and visitor experiences inspired by the San Juan Islands. 

Made in the San Juans celebrates the rich tapestry of creativity and ingenuity that defines this unique corner of the world. Shopping from afar or planning a trip? Enjoy the unique handmade goods and delicious local cuisine, check out our musicians and authors, go on an artist studio tour, and get to know our wedding venues and family tours. Come explore the heart and soul of the San Juans and bring the island lifestyle home, wherever you may live. 

Key Highlights of Made in the San Juans:

  • Artist and Artisan Showcase: Discover the work of local fine artists and artisans, from handcrafted jewelry and pottery to woodworking, painting and sculpture. Each piece tells a story of the islands' culture and natural beauty. Many artists are inspired by the island's stunning landscapes, a reflection of the serene and natural beauty that surrounds them.

  • Culinary Delights: Explore the flavors of the San Juans with a comprehensive guide to local farms, food and beverages. From seafood and fresh produce, to award-winning wines and craft brews, indulge in the island's culinary treasures with products available by mail.

  • Tours, Events, Weddings: Plan your island getaway with insider tips on where to stay, what to do, and how to make the most of your visit. Explore the islands' natural wonders, outdoor activities, maker workshops and retreats, wedding venues and Island events.

  • Music and Authors: Both the music and literature of the San Juans are a testament to the island's ability to inspire creativity and offer solace, making it a hub for artistic expression and a cherished destination for those seeking the perfect blend of natural beauty and artistic inspiration.

  • Shops, Markets, Galleries: Exploring the Islands' shops, markets, and galleries is a delightful journey that combines local authenticity with artistic inspiration. Whether you're in search of a handcrafted souvenir, a piece of local art, or simply wish to explore the unique character of island shopping, the San Juan Islands' shops and galleries offer a delightful experience that combines local flavor with artistic charm.

“Made in the San Juans creates fun new connections between buyers and visitors with our local island makers,” says Marcy Montgomery, executive director of San Juan Islands Makers Guild, and facilitator of Made in the San Juans projects. 

“Our goal is to help build a vibrant rural economy while honoring the natural wonders and creative expressions that make the San Juans such a cherished location. We support both sustainable tourism and creative enterprises - and we welcome your support of Island Makers in the San Juans."

The website  aims to promote and connect the world with the best the San Juans have to offer. Discover the hidden treasures, meet the artisans, and explore the magic of the San Juan Islands on Made in the San Juans

The marketplace is live and ready for exploration at https://madeinthesanjuans.com/.

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