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November 21: Lion's shopping spree at King's Market at 1 pm

Friday Harbor Food Bank Operating Manager Rachelle Radonski will be running through King's Market at 1 p.m. Tuesday, November 21 grabbing as much food as she can for the Food Bank. Thalia Shorett, who won the 2023 San Juan Lions Annual Four-minute Shopping Spree,  donated it to the Friday Harbor Food Bank. 

The winner has four minutes to gather items. $50 worth of meat is added by the store. No more than four of the exact same item is allowed. Traditionally the winner scopes out the store prior to the spree and plans their strategy.

San Juan Island Lions Club has provided the Annual Shopping Spree since 1990 with the cooperation of Kings Market, Market Place and Valmark.

Ticket Sales and donations to the San Juan Lions Shopping Spree exceeded $4300 this year. 100% of funds raised (less cost of Shopping Spree Run) go directly to the Local Scholarship Fund.

2nd Place Winner of One 12-14 pound Turkey – Craig Green - of San Juan Island

3rd Place Winner of One 12-14 pound Turkey – Jean Griffin – of San Juan Island Donated her prize to Friday Harbor Food Bank

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