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Mike Cohen’s 95th year lets Nature Connected Psychology accredit our heartfelt life experiences

This week, on his 94th birthday, the Grange's contradance caller, Mike Cohen, also celebrates the success of his uniquely alive article Pristine Truth Ecopsychology: The Natureness Remedy that is highlighted as a legacy in the International Journal of Ecopsychology.

Cohen has made this influential piece a funded tool for anyone to reduce the harm of falsehoods and conflicts in our lives. The article’s aliveness lastingly diminishes the grim consequences of our society's excessive disconnection from the peace and balance found in nature's self-correcting ways. His nature-connected psychology also provides valuable accreditation for our personal or professional life experiences because they resolve our conflicts by transforming them into unifying love.

Learn more at www.PristineTruth.net. Bond with nature's regenerative rhythms, help reduce the societal tensions that are breaking apart our world and lives. Cohen says nature’s pulse is also the beat of contradancing.

Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature  
• Master sensory methods and materials that help us strengthen the dance of nature's peace and sanity, in and around us.
•  Establish a socially and environmentally responsible relationship-building and stress-reduction livelihood or hobby. 
• Benefit from grant funded, online, Ph.D., M.S., and B.A. degrees/courses/training.

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