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Wolf Hollow accepting applications for internships

Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation, located on 40 acres on San Juan Island,  cares for approximately 500 animals each year.

Wolf Hollow is now accepting applications for internships in summer/fall 2024. The deadline is February 25, 2024. Please print an application form, then mail the completed form and a current resume to the address provided.

An internship at Wolf Hollow provides the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with many different wildlife species and to learn skills such as handling techniques, diets, food preparation and feeding methods, and to assist experienced rehabilitation staff with treatments. Our internships are intended to provide on-the-job training in basic rehabilitation skills, not to teach advanced veterinary techniques. Our rehab. staff work closely with local vets, but we do not have a vet on staff.

We hope a working internship will help interns to examine wildlife career opportunities. In return, we expect to work with enthusiastic, mature, hard working people who will become an integral part of the working team at Wolf Hollow during their internship. Most of our interns come from biology, wildlife management, veterinary medicine, veterinary technician or environmental education fields, but we will consider applicants from any background. We believe that a strong interest in wildlife, enthusiasm and willingness to learn are more important than academic qualifications.

Questions? Email our Education Coordinator at saitken@wolfhollowwildlife.org, or call 360-378-5000

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